Here’s How You Get Your Best Butt Ever!

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If you’ve been dreaming, wishing, praying for a better backside, this is the workout for you. To get the booty of your dreams, it’s important you expand your workout to more than just traditional squats and lunges (although, those are a great place to start!). The best way to tone and lift that butt is to work all areas of the muscles so a tightened, full-figured behind is accomplished.

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Now, check out this workout to rock those pants with confidence!

1. Donkey Kicks: This is a great bodyweight move that really tones, tightens and lifts that booty, bringing it back where it belongs. The best part about this exercise? There are hundreds of variations. Add some equipment, change the direction of your movement, perform the kick in a plank, etc. To learn the basics, click here!


Skinny Mom Challenge: Place a dumbbell or training ball behind your knee for Weighted Donkey Kicks. This challenge will enhance the engagement as you’ll have to keep everything tightened in order to keep the weight or ball steady.

2. Bridge: This isolated strength exercise is a must-have move in your booty routine. Working the glutes and hamstrings, this move lends itself to a ton of versatility with different equipment and form variations. While the move seems rather simple, it is still a burn-so-good exercise if done correctly. Check it out here!

glute bridge

Skinny Mom Challenge: Our favorite way to rev up the bridge to engage that booty even more? At the top of the bridge, raise left leg to be fully extended. Keep left leg raised and perform 5-10 up-down reps, and then repeat on other side with right leg fully extended. Learn more about Leg Lift in Bridge here!

3. Bench Squats: Few exercises work as many muscle groups as the squat, which is why it will always be a beloved move. But, if you really want your best butt ever, it’s time to work a little harder and squat a little deeper. Say hello to the Bench Squat, and get ready to feel the burn. Click here to learn how.


Skinny Mom Challenge: At the deepest part of your squat, perform five small, quick pulses without touching your butt to the bench. After five pulses, explode back up to start position and repeat, continuing to pulse at the base of each squat.

4. Crossover Lunge: Known as the glute activation lunge, this exercise is a great booty toner because it works the stubborn muscles at the sides of your butt - the abductor muscles. While standard lunges are also a great booty lifter, they mostly target the gluteus maximus, while this crossover or curtsy lunge gets the sides of your tush burning. Read more about it here!

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Skinny Mom Challenge: At the deepest part of your lunge, perform five small, quick pulses. After five pulses, explode back up to start position and repeat, continuing to pulse at the base of each lunge.

5. Standing Fire Hydrant with Squishy Ball: This Pilates based move does wonders for all the muscles surrounding your backside, and if you’ve been wishing for a beautiful butt, this move must be part of your routine. This may seem like a less intense exercise because the movement is smaller, but trust us, it packs a huge punch as there is constant engagement and tension to keep the ball in place. Watch the video below, then click here for more details!

Skinny Mom Challenge: After completing 30 seconds on each side, keep the ball in place and instead of bringing the knee out to the side, extend your leg back with foot flexed to the wall behind you. Keep the movement small and do not swing your body. Complete another 30 seconds on each side.

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