7 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day for the Haters

| Valentine's Day

Love is in the air—but not necessarily for everybody. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is great for some and a nightmare for others. For some women, February 14th is just another day on the calendar like all the others. It can be a lot of pressure to buy a gift, find the perfect card, prepare a romantic night out, or show any type of over-the-top romantic gesture regardless if you are single, married or in any type of relationship. After all, shouldn’t everyone be showing their love throughout the year rather than just on one particular day? So what should you do if you and cupid are not seeing eye to eye?

Instead of slamming the door when cupid comes knocking with his bow and arrow, try these seven ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day:

Watch a funny movie: Your first instinct might be to go with the flow and do something in the name of love, but there is no hard and fast rule about that. Instead of watching a marathon of love-themed movies that will have you rolling your eyes, watch one that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. If one is not enough, put together a whole collection of funny movies that will make you laugh so hard that you will forget what day it is altogether.

married couple watching a movie at home

Treat yourself to your favorite meal: Who says you have to go someplace extra special, fancy or expensive on Valentine’s Day? If the local diner makes your favorite apple cinnamon pancakes or homemade pizza, then go and enjoy it. You can take it to go or enjoy it right there as it comes out of the kitchen piping hot and ready for you to enjoy.

woman cooking homemade pizza

Buy yourself something special: Always wanted that hot pair of jeans you see in the store window every time you go to the mall? Then why not buy them—or try them on at the very least? While other women are getting packages of fattening chocolates and cheesy lingerie as Valentine’s gifts, you are getting something you really want and will definitely use.

woman shopping at the mall holding shopping bags

Get moving: Why sit inside, hating the day and anxiously waiting for the clock to strike midnight when Valentine’s Day is officially over? Get out and get moving. Exercise is one great way to beat the cupid-hating blues. You cannot fight those feel-good endorphins that permeate through your body after a good sweat. They will make you feel happy and alive regardless of how sad or miserable you might have felt before you exercised.

women in a power ashtanga yoga class

Dance it off: If exercise is not your thing or if you already did it for the day, why not pop in your favorite tunes and get your groove on? You can dance alone, with your kids, with your hubby or partner—hey, even the dog can get in on the action. You'll have so much fun dancing, you'll be thinking Valentine’s what?!

family jumping on bed together

Work on a project: Is there a project you have been putting off for one reason or another? Use February 14th as the day to get it done—or at least get it started. When you completely immerse yourself into a project, you quickly forget everything else and focus on the task at hand.

woman painting a room in her house

Embrace the day for others: If Valentine’s Day is not your thing, but your best friend believes it is the best day of the year, do not bring her down. Enjoy her enthusiasm as she tells you about her special plans or what she got her husband. When she shows off her new piece of jewelry, tell her how beautiful it is and to wear it in good health and happiness.

two women talking and having coffee in the kitchen

Valentine’s Day does not and should not make you feel awful or uncomfortable. You do not have to celebrate it or take part in something extra special. Find something that makes you happy, no matter what it is, and do it. Or just spend the day as you would any other day without worrying about flowers, candy or greeting cards. Just be sure not to pull others into your web of cupid contempt. While Valentine’s may not be the day for you, it is still enjoyable for others. Let them do what makes them feel special. Keep reminding yourself that in 24 hours, the day is over and it is back to normal.