Turbocharged 30-Minute Total Body Workout

| Fitness

brooke griffin in push up plank position

It’s time to remove the “I don’t have time to work out” excuse from your vocabulary. The fact is that more and more research is proving that you don’t have to work out longer, just smarter, in order to burn maximum calories, build muscle, and blast fat even after your workout. That’s right, if you work out at a high intensity, hence the term “turbocharged,” you can spark EPOC (exercise post-oxygen consumption) otherwise known as the “afterburn effect” which helps you crush calories even after your workout has concluded.

Yes, this workout is only 30 minutes, but don’t be fooled, it’s a workout. The key to this routine is working through each interval at maximum capacity (turbocharge, remember?), resting only to catch your breath, grab a swig of water, and move on to the next move in order to spark your body into supercharged shape.

Perform each of the following five exercises for one minute, resting only for 20 seconds and repeat four times through. You'll spend five minutes total on each exercise. Example: 1 minute of Squats, 20 seconds Rest, 1 minute of Squats, 20 seconds Rest, 1 minute of Squats, 20 seconds Rest, 1 minute of Squats = 5 minutes.

Round 1 (5 minutes) - Bench Squat: This is a perfect move to get your body warmed up. Remember to keep your gaze straight ahead, chest forward, and take that booty as low you can go before returning to start position. Your motto, “Drop it like it’s hot!”

brooke griffin doing a bench squat

Round 2 (5 minutes) - Up & Over: Don’t let this move fool you. You'll feel fatigued fast. Focus on keeping your feet close together as you explosively jump from over your mat. If you become too fatigued, you can step over the mat one leg at a time, but whatever you do don’t stop!

brooke griffin doing up and oversRound 3  (5 minutes) - Star Jumps: A step up from the traditional jumping jack, you will feel your muscles work through this series as you force your body to explode off the ground reaching hands and feet as wide as you can before returning to starting position. Don’t forget to land in squatting position each time your feet hit the ground. You will most definitely be gasping for air.

brooke griffin doing star jumpsRound 4 (5 minutes) - Plank Row: Prepare for your arms and core to burn as you progress through each minute of this exercise. During your 20 seconds of rest, take it to child pose and then quickly return to plank position when it’s time to start again. You may want to keep a set of lighter weights handy so that as you feel fatigued and may lose form, you can downsize in weight or lose the weights all together but continue the rowing motion through each one minute interval. 

brooke griffin doing a plank rowRound 5 (5 minutes) - Wall Sit: The variations on this wall sit make it challenging and also target lots of muscle groups during each one minute of work. Remember, wall sits are mind over matter so don’t give up before you hit that minute mark even if you have to leave both feet planted. To engage your core and upper back, place hands behind your head but be sure to keep those shoulders stuck to the wall.

brooke griffin doing a wall sit

Voila! 30 minutes and done. You have just performed a full body workout using high intensity interval training. It’s important to stretch post-workout and drink lots of water throughout the day to avoid tight, dehydrated muscles. Give yourself a pat on the back and cross “no time” off your list of excuses.