Dance Your Way to Fit: Best Calorie Burning Zumba Moves

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There's nothing worse than forcing yourself to work out when you don't enjoy what you're doing. If you're not a runner, why run? If you're not a fan of lifting because you're intimidated in the weight room, why not try weight bearing exercises at home? If you don't like what you're doing, do you really think you'll stick to it long enough to get any real results. That would be a no, which is why we are huge proponents of doing what you love. While it's true that a body in motion stays in motion, it's well worth your time finding something you enjoy so working out becomes less of a chore and more of a joy and treat to yourself.

brooke griffin jumping in air An exercise we love doing here is Zumba. Is there anything better to bust your mid-day yawns than an exciting boogie down? Especially when it burns loads of calories? We didn't think so. Give this Zumba sequence a try to break a sweat, get your heart rate pumping, burn some major calories, and of course have some fun! Brought to you by Boogie Wipes, the number one pick for stuffy noses.

1. The Samba Reach: Start the sequence off with a crowd-favorite that will get your heart racing and put you in the mood to boogie down!

brooke griffin zumba move

2. The Egyptian Dip: A great exercise to work on good posture while you stand up straight with chest out, shoulders back and abs engaged.

brooke griffin zumba workout

3. The Party Time Twist: Really exaggerate this move while keeping your muscles tight and engaged to get the full benefit of this Zumba favorite!

skinny mom zumba workout

4. The Skinny Shimmy: There's just something so fun about a good shimmy, so this is one of our favorite moves! Squat deep in the movement, keep your abs engaged, and grab some dumbbells to make this even more challenging.

skinny mom zumba workout