The Ultimate Workout for Your Trouble Spots

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Alright ladies, it's crunch time, which means it's time to unlock your inner fitness goddess. Get off your elliptical and get ready to work your muscles like never before, because Vanessa "The Pylo Queen" Campbell and Fitness Rx for woman have developed a workout to create a lean, muscular, and feminine body.  This workout includes cardio, resistance training, and plyometrics to tone and tighten your problem ares in your core and lower body.


skinny mom scissor jump

Plyometrics. Every superset includes a plyometric exercise that targets the lower body and/or the core. These bodyweight exercises will amp up your fat burning, improve your overall athleticism and shape a strong and svelte body.

Compound Movements. The multi-muscle exercises like the Sumo Deadlift and Bulgarian Split Squat will help to improve your overall lower body strength and training capacity.

Isolation Work. Exercises like the Stability Ball Crunch and Hip Extension target the abdominals and glutes directly, complementing the compound movements and plyometrics. These exercises add shape to specific key muscle groups.


skinny mom burpee exercise

To get it tight, you must get it right! Use our detailed instructions to help you master the exercises.

Sumo Deadlift. Position feet in a wide stance, with toes pointed slightly outward. Squat down and grasp bar narrower than shoulder width. Lift bar by driving hips forward and straightening legs. Keep weight in heels, back straight, core tight and the bar close to the body throughout the movement.

Bench Jumps. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing a bench. Perform a partial squat to help you explosively jump up onto the bench with both feet. Jump back down to the starting position, landing in a squat to absorb the impact.

Stability Ball Crunch. Sit on the stability ball and walk your feet forward to lower your back onto the ball. Knees should be bent to about 90 degrees. Exhale as you contract your abdominal muscles and curl your shoulders and trunk toward your knees. Slowly lower down to the starting position.

Plank Thrust. Standing with feet together, squat down and place your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart. Thrust your legs back into a plank position. Make sure to keep your core tight and body in a straight line. Then, jump your legs back into starting position.

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