Kettlebell One-Arm Swing

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kettlebell one- arm swing

Move Targets: Upper/lower abdominal, shoulders and biceps 


Step 1: Begin with the kettlebell between your legs and one arm out to the side. Be careful that you do not bend too low. You don’t want to do a squat, but bend down just enough to be able to get the kettlebell between your legs.

 kettlebell one arm swing brooke griffin move1

Step 2: Swing the kettlebell up forcefully to a point between your belly button and chest.  As you bring it up, emphasis should be on your core and lower body, not arms.  Your arms can be straight or slightly bent.

kettlebell one arm swing brooke griffin move2

Step 3: Let the kettlebell fall back down and repeat.

kettlebell one arm swing brooke griffin move1

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