Upper Back Roll

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Move Targets: Upper Back


Step 1: Begin sitting down with your legs bent and feet on the floor, then lean back onto your elbows. Have the foam roller behind you and lie down on it. Lift the hips up a little to walk the feet forward or backward, adjusting your starting position. You want the roller to be just below the top of your shoulder blades. Cross the arms over your chest so you pull apart the shoulder blades, exposing the tight muscles between them. Tuck your chin.


Step 2: Keeping the hips lifted, use your core and quads to help you roll back and forth over the roller. Roll it as far down as your bra line and as far up as the top of your shoulder blades. Lean into any sore or knotted spots. Rest your hips on the floor as needed.


Top: Mika Yogawear Mariella Tank in Amazonite

Bottom: Public Myth Sapphire Lynx Printed Crop

Mat provided by Jade Yoga, Harmony Mat in purple.

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