6 Workouts You're CRAZY Not To Try

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Did you set new fitness goals for 2014? It’s hard to believe that 2014 is already almost halfway over! If you're already finding yourself bored with your workouts, then look to keep your exercise fun and interesting as a great way to stay dedicated to your wellness goals. We have seen TRX, Zumba, and other innovative fitness workouts rapidly saturate the fitness industry in the past because fitness professionals know that fun is the new buzzword in fitness.

Here are six workouts that you need to try to reinvigorate your workout routine:

dance workout class at a studio or gym

1. Body Groove: Groove is a dance-inspired workout that combines simple dance moves mixed with a free flow of body movement that can be adapted to offer a slow groove stretch to a heart-pounding energy groove. Body Groove is an option for any fitness level – no dance experience required. This dance workout can be found in some gyms across the country and is available on DVD here.

pilates barre workout at the gym or studio

Barre Workouts: More and more barre workout studios are popping up all over the country. This dance inspired fitness routine is proving to be a great way to sculpt muscles. And you don’t have to be a dancer to give this fitness routine a spin. Check out our Barre Routine you can do it home! (photo credit)

rope training workout

Rope Training: Incorporating ropes into workouts is becoming a fitness trend incorporated by well-known fitness classes like CrossFit, Boot Camps, and more. Some classes are even offered based on rope workouts alone. Incorporating ropes of various weight and lengths allows for a wide range of exercise options. Check out our rope routine you can try on your own.

pound workout

Pound Drumming: You read it right, playing the drums can be considered exercise (shhh, don’t tell our kids that). Pound is a full body cardio workout that incorporates weighted drumsticks, isometric movements, plyometric movements, and pilates for a calorie-torching workout. Classes are offered across the country or you can try the workout at home on DVD. (photo credit)

bodyblade workout class

Bodyblade: If you like to play with your kids' toys (think pirates and ninjas), then the Bodyblade is a fun workout that utilizes an innovative blade personalized for your goals to offer wellness, function, and muscle definition benefits for those ranging from rehabilitation to performance training. You can find Bodyblade classes at the gym and at home through DVD workouts and choosing a specific blade designed to meet your fitness goals. (photo credit)

surfset workout class

Water-Sport Inspired Fitness: Stand-up paddle boarding has become a hugely popular water sport over the last several years. Now, fitness classes and routines like Pilates and yoga are being offered on these boards. No bodies of water in your area? No worries. Another growing trend inspired from catching a wave is Surfset, an indoor workout offering strength and cardio utilizing a surfboard inspired piece of equipment that mimics the balance and strength needed to balance on a surfboard. (photo credit)