Improve Your Marriage Without Therapy

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When you are juggling kids, a job, errands, and soccer practices, your marriage may fall by the wayside. Sometimes you need to step back, take a hard look at whats really going on and make some changes. We know - change is hard and often times just thinking about it can make it worse. Sasha Brown-Worsham, writer at The Stir, suggests making small steps - simple changes - that can make a big difference. Below is her list that was published on Huffington Post that can you improve your marriage RIGHT NOW without heading to the therapist.

Senior couple walking and laughing together

Apologize when you are wrong: Forget pride. If you realize you are wrong in a fight, admit it and say you are sorry. It will make a world of difference in terms of staying close.

Imagine the other person gone during a fight: There is no better way to stop a fight than to imagine losing or missing the other person. That sadness? That tightness in your chest? That's the love you feel for them.

Laugh more: For me, this is the biggest secret to 10 years of marriage. My husband and I crack each other up. We roll on the floor laughing and genuinely enjoy each other's company. This is what keeps us strong.

Arrange weekly meetings: If you have young kids and two careers, there is nothing more important than having weekly "meetings." It may not be romantic, but neither is nagging, and this curbs that a lot. From a friend who has started them: "It has been very helpful from a practical side of just getting through everyday life as a team." Amen.

Schedule sex: It's not romantic, but in our busy lives, it's necessary. Pencil it in, because you know what's less romantic? A sex-less marriage. Not sure about scheduling it? Read our take on it by clicking here.

Read the rest of Sasha's tips on Huffington Post by clicking here. You and your spouse will be glad you did!