Workouts Across the World: Calorie-Blasting Capoeira

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While capoeira is now recognized as one of the most popular sports and forms of exercise in Brazil today, it didn't always carry such an impressive title. It originated as a form of martial arts among African slaves who were being brought to Brazil in the Middle Ages. In order to preserve their African traditions and lift their spirits, the slaves hid their martial arts through a dance that would eventually become known as capoeira.

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Because of the somewhat aggressive and energetic nature of capoeira, and its association with African gangs who were fighting to preserve their heritage, capoeira was outlawed in Brazil until 1918. A man by the name of Mestre Bimba finally demonstrated the beautiful movements associated with capoeira to the president of Brazil, and was granted permission to create the first capoeira school. The dance-like, powerful nature of capoeira quickly became an addictive form of fitness for Brazilians, and began to spread like wildfire across the rest of the world. For more information on the history of capoeira, click here!

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Today, capoeira is recognized as one of the most intense forms of martial arts in the world. It has been incorporated into university programs, and there are even schools dedicated to the practice of the sport. Capoeira has even said to have influenced music and dance styles such as hip hop and and breakdancing. If you want to learn more about present-day capoeira, check out this link (via Capoeira Brasil San Francisco).

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To give you a taste of professionally performed capoeira, check out this video below!

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To test out a few basic moves, check out this video!

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So if heading to the gym has become a burden you just can’t bear, then maybe it’s time to mix up your workouts! Capoeira is one of the most popular forms of exercise in Brazil, not just because it blasts through those unwanted pounds, but also because it is packed full of fun and energy. This Afro-Brazilian workout incorporates elements like martial arts, dance, and upbeat music in order to produce a calorie-torching routine that will have you sweating in no time. Take a look at these links for information on where to find a class:

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