AB-solutely: Products To Strengthen Your Core

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There is much to be said about the benefits of a strong core. Core strength improves your posture, improves balance and makes you an all-around better athlete. For example, there is a correlation between core strength and squat improvement; as your core strengthens you can squat more weight comfortably. Having a strong core can also alleviate low back pain. These are among the many reasons why you should care about core strength. Here are products that can give you all of these benefits plus a rockin’ six pack!

Fitness Quest Perfect Situp: The Perfect Situp is completely obtainable with this neat piece of equipment. The Perfect Situp engages all of your core muscles while giving you the guidance you need for perfect form. It also helps to support your head and neck so that a cramped neck will not hold your workout back!

perfect situp

Zenzation Athletics AB-Roller: Like an AB-wheel but with a smoother glide. This AB-roller can moves easily back and forth. You can also focus on the obliques by moving from left to right.

zenzation a

The TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit: The TRX Rip Trainer employs 20 pounds of resistance and a long, mobile pole to help to build core strength. Using rotation, this product allows you to use your entire body to build strength, particularly in your abdominals.

trx rip trainer a

Reebok Stability Ball Kit: One product with endless possibilities; this stability ball can tone and strengthen not only your abdominals but your back and legs as well. From crunches to squats, this stability ball is like a portable gym!

reebok ball a

Maha AB Roller: Although this is called an “AB roller”, it actually improves body strength in your arms and legs as well! You sit in the product and use your arms, legs and stomach to rock the AB roller back and fourth while contracting your abdominal muscles. Basically, this one machine can deliver full body results with one movement!

maha ab

AB Rocket Twister: By targeting your abdominals, this machine gives you the core strength you need without hundreds of back-killing crunches. With three levels of resistance, this machine will grow in difficulty as you improve your strength. The AB Rocket Twister also comes with instructional DVDs and a meal plan to insure the best results!

ab rocket a

Empower Soft Medicine Ball with DVD: This 10 pound medicine ball can be used for numerous exercises, included many that target the abdominals. A medicine ball can be held and used in weight crunches, sit-ups, v-ups, overhead slams and toe touches. A medicine ball is an excellent, useful addition to any home gym.

empower soft medicine a

Ab Coaster: If typical abdominal exercises are a pain in your neck, literally, then this piece of machinery can be a big help to you! The Ab Coaster takes stress off of your neck, back, and shoulders while giving you the core workout you need. This machine hones in on the abdominals and works them from the bottom up to target those hard to reach lower abs. This machine is great for beginners to advanced  fitness enthusiasts because it allows you to add weight to the machine or simply use it with your body weight alone! ab coaster

Skinny Mom Bonus:

Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack Tummy Toning Gel: So, sculpting a six packs takes hard work and dedication. You have to be on top of your diet and your exercise routine to achieve washboard abs. However, if you are feeling a little on the lazy side or have had one too many Skinny Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes, this roll on gel can help tighten your skin and give you a little push towards that six pack you're looking for.

fatgirl 6pack

Any of these fun products can add variety to your workout routine! What is your favorite piece of ab-sculpting equipment to use either at home or in the gym?