15 Workouts to Do on a Rainy Day

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We know it's a challenge to keep up your energy levels when that thunderstorm hits. Nothing sounds more appealing than settling down on the couch for an afternoon of movies and popcorn. If you want to earn that couch time, here are some great indoor workouts to try. Just take an hour out of your day to work off the unwanted calories or stress, so that when you finally get to relax, you can tune out and enjoy the rest of your day!

cardio step workout

Interval Training: A typical interval workout consists of a series of low-to-high intensity exercised separated by brief periods of rest. It's an awesome, calorie-torching way to improve your speed and overall fitness! For some great interval workouts, check out these links: 30- Minute Interval RoutineBlast the Baby Fat 7-Step Interval RoutineAquatic Intervals.

Cardio Step Workouts: Also known as "step aerobics," this form of exercise includes the use of an elevated platform in order to get that heart rate up! While cardio step workouts are often taught in classes at your local gym, there's also some popular videos and DVDs out there if you want to work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home.

Ab Circuits: If you are set on targeting those core muscles, then this is the perfect rainy day workout for you! Ab circuits consist of a variety of exercises that will hit those lower abs, obliques, and upper abs. Since you will only be working one section of your body, be prepared to feel the burn!

Yoga: If you find yourself torn between a workout and a relaxing afternoon on the couch, then maybe it's time to join your local yoga class. Yoga gives you the perfect opportunity to tone up and tune out all that stress. Plus, there's so many types of yoga, you are sure to find a class that fits right into your schedule!

Full Body Circuits: Sure, it's a rainy day and you're stuck inside, but that doesn't mean you want to spend the whole time working out! Circuits are super high intensity, so even 20 to 30-minute sessions are going to burn right through those calories. You can hit all the major muscle groups with a series of intense exercises, and still have time to veg out in front of the TV for a lazy afternoon!

Just Dance: No, it's not just for your kids! Just Dance gives you a great opportunity to get up off your butt and have a little fun! If that isn't enough motivation to get you going, then knowing you can burn more than 200 calories in 30 minutes might help! Rock out by yourself or with your family for a fun-packed afternoon. For other dance video options, click here!

CrossFit Workouts: While CrossFit is most commonly recognized as a physical exercise philosophy and a highly competitive fitness sport, it is also a great way to whip yourself into shape. It incorporates HIIT training, olympic weightlifting, calisthenics and plyometrics into one powerful workout that will target your whole body.

Spinning Class: Spinning classes are a great way to get involved with your community, since they take place in your local gym. Each class is packed with upbeat music, different levels of exertion, and even some fun light shows to keep you motivated! They are a fantastic way to stay in shape and test your limits, so check out your gym's class schedule!

Plyometrics: Also known as "jump training," this workout is great if you enjoy explosive exercises. many of the moves included in plyometrics consist of muscles exerting maximum force in a very short time frame in order to increase speed and power. If you have any knee or ankle problems, you may need to skip out on this workout, or stick to modified moves.

Kettlebell Workouts: Using a kettlebell allows you to get a great cardio workout and gives you a chance to strengthen those muscles! There are a variety of exercises that you can do that will target all the different areas of your body. Click here for some detailed workouts we just love!

Circuit Training: Circuit training combines resistance training and high-intensity aerobics for a workout that will condition your entire body! Each circuit (a compilation of exercises) gets that heart rate up for a short but energy-packed workout. For some examples of circuit training workouts, check out these links: Beginner's Guide to Interval Training, Circuit Training Articles.

Pilates: Like yoga, Pilates gives you the opportunity to unwind a bit as you tone your legs, abs, arms, hips and back. Pilates is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on the alignment of your spine and pelvis in order to develop and enhance core strength. Pilates moves tend to be more aerobic than your typical yoga class, so be ready to sweat a little!

TRX Workouts: No matter what your fitness level is, TRX can work for you. The TRX suspension trainer utilizes gravity and your bodyweight to guarantee a personalized workout that is only as challenging as you want. There are hundreds of exercises that will target all areas of your body for a workout that is fast and effective, and that helps you to develop overall endurance and strength.

Zumba Classes: Jumping in to a Zumba class is perfect for those days when hitting the gym just doesn't sound appealing. It is one of the fastest growing dance fitness programs in the country, and it's easy to see why! With explosive choreography that combines different dance styles like hip hop, salsa, mambo, and more, who wouldn't want to give it a shot?

Tabata Workouts: This high-intensity interval training method generates huge bursts of energy, followed by a short period of rest for a cycle that is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. That's no mistake - this workout only takes 4 minutes, and has the same benefits as one of your hour-long sessions at the gym! Throw in a 5-minute warm up and cool down to create the perfect workout.

While you have no control over the weather, you can control your ability to work out. You don't let a little rain spoil your day, so why let it ruin your workout?

Your mood doesn't have to match the weather. With these high-energy workouts, you will forget all about the doom and gloom outside!