50 Products to Pump Up Your Summer

| Fitness

It seems like every time you turn on the tv or radio there's some new gadget coming out that is guaranteed to be the 'next big thing' to make your life easier. Step into a department store, and you'll find an entire rack of new sports bras or shape wear to slim out the lumps and bumps. The same can be true when you walk into the gym! There's always some new class being offered or some fancy piece of equipment that you can't pronounce. In an effort to help you sort through the confusion, we've found some of this year's latest trends and products to keep you up to date!

Kamagon: This new product is worth adding to any home gym! If you love kettlebell routines or working out with a medicine ball, you'll love the Kamagon. It's perfect for strength training and targets the core and stability.

(Photo: kamagon ball new fitness product Kamagon Ball)

Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer: If your home gym needs a makeover, consider this piece of equipment! It may look like an elliptical, but don't be fooled! The Helix trains in a figure-8 motion instead of the traditional front to back, letting you better tone your butt, and inner and outer thighs!

(Photo: helix aerobic lateral trainer Helix)

Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper: Another great addition the the home gym, this stepper is compact and very versatile! In essence, it's a portable elliptical machine with built in resistance training.

(Photo: twister stepper from sunny health and fitness Sunny Health and Fitness)

Street Strider: You love your elliptical, but let's be honest, it can be a little dull day after day. Change it up with this elliptical bike! Cruise around the city and be the envy of all your neighbors while getting in some serious cardio, especially on those hills.

(Photo: street strider Street Strider)

Stamina InStride Cycle: Easy to store, this set of seatless peddles is a great way to get in some cardio while you sit at your desk or watch TV! Equipped with an adjustable tension knob and progress tracker, this is a no-excuses product!

(Photo: Seatless bike Stamina)

TRX Suspension Basic Trainer Kit + Door Anchor: If you've seen those weird yellow straps hanging from the ceiling at your gym and have secretly wanted to give it a try, now you can! Equipped with all the basics, including DVDs, you can start your own TRX workout in the privacy of your own doorway. You can also check out some of these moves!

(Photo: TRX basic training suspension kit TRX)

Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Crazy Fit Bio Shaker: Remote controlled and very portable, this is a great product if you have trouble with blood circulation! It's perfect for the home or office.

(Photo: mini crazy bio shaker from sunny health and fitness Sunny Health and Fitness)

Resistance Water Dumbbells: Great for aquatic fitness, these dumbbells come in 3 different resistance options to fit any level of exercise. Instead of using traditional dumbbells, these are made with a light material that floats so you'll have a challenging water workout.

(Photo: resistance water dumbbells Power System)

The Original Flyup: If you like moves like the Ski Abs with Sliding Disks, then you'll love this product! They slide right over the carpet for an enhanced workout experience.

(Photo: the original flyup Flyup Fitness)

Sport Hoop: If you've memorized the tiles on your wall while running on your treadmill, you may need to add some variety to your workout. Why not make your workout fun with this hoop and DVD set? It's great cardio that will keep the boredom away.

(Photo: Hula hoop and fitness DVD Sports Hoop)

Flexex Hand Exerciser: Having trouble opening that jar of pickles? Don't pass it off to your hubby to open! Strengthen that grip and get to twistin'!

(Photo: hand exerciser FlexEx)

W8FIT Adjustable Weighted Wrist Cuffs: If you need to add a small boost to your workout, these cuffs are made from a light, fast drying material and can hold from 1/4 lb to 2lb, making them great  for any fitness level.

(Photo: W8FIT adustable weight wrist cuffs W8FIT Activewear)

Gaiam Coreplus Reformer: Accompanied by a 45 minute long fitness DVD, this resistance band has 4 loops for endless possibilities. Your Pilates routine will never be the same!

(Photo: coreplus reformer from Gaiam Gaiam)

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs: If you've been rolling a balance ball over to your desk everyday to help keep your body active during the workday, we've made it a little easier for you! This chair helps to keep your core engaged and is great for a bad back! It will also improve your posture and help to align your spine!

(Photo: balance ball chair from Gaiam Gaiam)

Turnstone by Steelcase Buoy: The Buoy Chair is great for the office! It's a chair that engages your core and encourages better posture. Beware if you bring it into work though, you might make your coworkers jealous! If you're looking for other ways to stay healthy at the office, check out this article.

(Photo: buoy chair Steelcase)

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk: If you are looking to step up your fitness but can't get out of the office, this is the perfect gadget for you! You can even do some paperwork with a side of power walking!

(Photo: TrekDesk treadmill desk TrekDesk)

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder:  If you aren't ready to trade in your treadmill for one with a desk included, look into this great accessory! Get fit while you work, surf the net or play games! It also works for ellipticals and bike machines.

(Photo: surfshelf treadmill desk for laptops and ipads Freewell)

SKLZ Sport Performance Trainer Mat: This is a self-guided exercise mat featuring 24 stretches and exercises printed right on the mat. It's just as portable as a yoga mat, is durable, washable and made with non-slip material.

(Photo: Performance trainer mat SKLZ)

Rumble Roller: Do you have a lot of tightness in your muscles?  A regular foam roller may not cut it! Check out this one of a kind roller meant to give you a deep tissue massage. It's great for any muscular pain or tightness after a hard workout.

(Photo: Rumble Roller deep tissue foam roller Rumble Roller)

SKLZ AccuRoller Adjustable Massage Stick: With the many different ball sizes and nylon straps to help you with tricky stretching moves, this massager has endless possibilities. If you need some muscle-recovery, this may be the product for you.

(Photo: SKLZ accuroller massage stick SKLZ)

FlipBelt: Going for a long run can be hard for some moms. What if there's an emergency and you don't have your cell phone? You won't ever need to worry about this again! The FlipBelt is perfect for storing all of your essentials and won't get in the way of your work out!

(Photo: Flipbelt running accesory Level Terrain)

Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack: If you loved the handiness of a fanny pack but hated the look, now you can have the best of both worlds! This pack comes with 2 bottles that are the perfect fit so your runs this summer don't leave you dehydrated!

(Photo: running waist pack Nathan Performance Gear)

Nathan Streak Vest: Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, this vest is a cute way to keep safe. It is totaltly adjustable for the perfect fit, and has reflective visibility for up to 1200 feet.

(Photo: Nathan streak vest NATHAN)

Define Bottle: If you love water detoxes then this is perfect for you! An on-the-go bottle that allows you to add your favorite extras! The base is freezable to ensure your drink stays cold, and it even has a hand wrist strap so you won't be slowed down!

(Photo: define bottle fruit infuser Define Bottle)

Clean Bottle X Without Walls: This bottle has an extra cap on the bottom to make cleaning even easier. It also comes with a handy holder for your phone, keys and anything else you may need!

(Photo: clean bottle x without walls Urban Outfitters)

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer: If you need a little pick-me-up on the way to the gym, give this new, all-natural, plant-based drink mix a try! It's made to provide immediate and sustained energy for your workout!

(Photo: vega sport pre-workout energizer Vega Sport)

Women's Bella Half Toe Grip Ankle Socks: Made by ToeSox, these grip socks are great for any yoga enthusiast. The grips on the bottom give you the stability of being barefoot but offer hygienic protection from the gym.

(Photo: ToeSox half grip ankle socks ToeSox)

MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor: It used to be if you wanted an accurate and continuous heart rate reading, you needed to wear a strap around your chest, but not anymore! This out the way and comfortable wrist band will track your heart rate, even while running up to 14MPH.

(Photo: mio continuous heart rate monitor Mio)

FitBit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband: These little guys are booming! If you haven't had a friend or coworker brag about theirs to you, you've probably heard of them somewhere else. This wristband will track the number of steps you take in a day, the distance you've gone, how many minutes you've spent being active as well as your total calorie burn. It will also track your sleep so you know how restless you've been during the night.

(Photo: FitBit FitBit)

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer: Using position control, this scale does more than just weigh you. It can also analyze your body fat and heart rate in just seconds. The scale syncs to an app using wifi or bluetooth so you can visually track your progress every single day!

(Photo: Withings smart body analyzer Withings)

Bicycle Rearview Camera: Increase your safety on the road with this handy gadget. With the sturdy camera, you'll feel more secure when riding on the road.

(Photo: Bicycle rearview camera Hammacher)

Just Dance 2014: While the kids are gone for a swim lesson, snag some Wii time and get your groove on! Dancing is a great cardio workout and now you can do it to this year's biggest hits!

(Photo: Just Dance 2014 Ubisoft)

Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt: Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins pairs up with Destiny's Child diva Kelly Rowland to bring you a cardio blast like you've never seen before! Reserve the living room for a little mommy-time and get sweatin'!

(Photo: Sexy abs cardio sculpt with kelly rowland The Hollywood Trainer)

The Biggest Loser: 8 Minute Body Blasters: With these 8 minute routines, you'll have no excuse for missing a workout! This video is great for even the the busiest moms, so why not give it a try?

(Photo: The biggest loser: 8 minute body blasters Amazon)

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra: If you're a bigger chested woman, this bra has some serious support! It clasps in the back for adjustable tightness and comfortably compresses the breasts for a bounce-free workout!

(Photo: moving comfort womens fiona bra Moving Comfort)

The Cut Bra by Alala: Showing just the right amount of skin, this bra is fashion-forward and super supportive!

(Photo: The Cut Bra Alala)

Zip It Up Bra by Alala: Finding a bra that will actually keep the girls together is tough, but getting it on and off can be even tougher! With this easy zip up bra, you don't need to be a contortionist to get dressed for the gym!

(Photo: Zip it up bra Alala)

Got Your Back Tank: Fitted in the right places, loose in the others, the girls will be supported and you'll be the biggest show stopper at the gym! Note that the straps are actually black, not gray as pictured.

(Photo: Got your back tank Alala)

Flyweight Tank: This longsleeve tee is the perfect item for layering! It's super lightweight and features mesh paneling on the shoulders and back.

(Photo: flyweight tee Alala)

Captain Crop Tight: These tights will make you look just as great walking in as you will walking out. The slick nylon fabric will keep you cool and dry, even on the hottest of days.

(Photo: captain crop tight Alala)

Onzie Elastic-Back Tank Top: Soft and stretchy, this tank will flow when you do! It's great for yoga or any type of workout, and is the perfect addition for layering over a sports bra or other tank.

(Photo: Elastic-Back Tank Top Urban Outfitters)

Move by Alternative Stretch It Out Sports Bra: This bra is cute, made of breathable cotton and moisture-wicking polyester. It's perfect for yoga and other light workouts.

(Photo: move it by stretch alternative sports bra Urban Outfitters)

Onzie CrissCross Bra Top: This bra's stretchy straps give you the support you need and the style you want!

(Photo: Onzie Crisscross Bra Top Urban Outfitters)

Double Layer Mesh Tank: This shirt is flowy for your comfort and breathes easy. It's great for a cardio workout and features a built-in racer-back underlay.

(Photo: double layer mesh tank Old Navy)

Cut-Out Mesh Tank: If you're going for a girly and stylish look, this is a great tank for you! With a fashionable and functional top like this, there's no reason to dread the gym!

(Photo: Cut-out mesh tank Old Navy)

1/4 Zip Jacket: Made of a light moisture-wicking material, this jacket is the perfect gym accessory!

(Photo: 1/4-zip jacket Old Navy)

Fun. Fearless. Free. GoDry Graphic Tank: Sport this cute graphic tank on your next jog not only to boost your mood, but everyone else's as well!

(Photo: fun fearless free tank Old Navy)

Perforated Running Shorts: These shorts are lightweight and comfortable, and equipped with built in underwear for the ultimate run!

(Photo: perforated running shorts Old Navy)

Printed Compression Capris: Smooth and quick drying, these compression capris are great for any type of workout! Not to mention the handy and hidden pocket in the back to hold your belongings!

(Photo: Printed Compression Capris Old Navy)

Compression Skorts: Whether it's tennis or a power walk with the ladies, this skort has built-in shorts made from moisture wicking material for extra comfort.

(Photo: compression skort Old Navy)

What other new products have you seen so far this year? Comment below and tell us!