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Imagine sticking your toes in the sand, shopping in adorable galleries and stores by the sea, eating delicious food and finding a healthy mind-body balance all at the same time. At Vita Vie Fitness and Lifestyle Retreat in Delray Beach, Fla. this, and much more, is all possible!


According to the Vita Vie website, they apply the philosophy of, “Better Body, Better Health, Better You,” to promote healthy weight loss goals. Each program utilizes variations of dynamic strength, cardiovascular, mind, body and flexibility disciplines, all with the goal of gently guiding you toward the healthy lifestyle that's right for you. The following is a breakdown of the three programs offered at Vita Vie:

Bella Boot Camp: Bella Boot Camp is exclusively limited to ten people, in an effort to give you a more personal experience. Set on the beach, this boot camp has you working out for five hours each day, incorporating a multitude of fitness disciplines and mind-body classes. Bella Boot Camp's daily schedule also includes three full meals, five classes, spa or nutrition options and an optional fitness assessment the day you arrive.


Private Fitness Retreat: These retreats are geared toward your own personal fitness goals. You’ll work privately with a trainer and staff practitioners, focusing on weight loss, flexibility, strength, endurance and more. The trainers will talk to you about your individual goals before you arrive to build a program that's perfect for you. This program includes three full meals per day, four hours of private one-on-one sessions, assessments upon arrival and departure, one 50-minute spa treatment, personal workouts to take with you when you leave and a Vita Fit Guide.

Vita Vie Resort Yoga

Specialty Fitness Vacations: This program is a great way to enjoy all of the perks of the retreat, while exploring a different location and distinct theme! They are offered in various places throughout the year, so check the website to stay updated on any new information!

Vita Vie wants you to be able to enjoy all of the wonderful fitness and luxury perks they offer at their retreat, and currently have these two amazing deals for Skinny Mom readers:

  • Mention Skinny Mom while reserving a three to four night stay and receive $100 off the total cost.
  • Mention Skinny Mom while reserving a five to six night stay and receive $200 off the total cost.

So if you've been looking for a great getaway that combines a mind and body experience, perhaps it's time to check out Vita Vie. With three amazing programs to choose from, we're certain one of them is exactly what you've been looking for!

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