15 Animal Moves to Make You Foxy

| Fitness

We often find ourselves in a rut.  Everyday you wake up, do the same things at the same time in the same order.  That's great for keeping yourself organized, but it's not exactly fun.  Don't let your workout grow stale or you'll get bored, plus your body needs a challenge! Some of the most interesting moves are ones found in nature. From the "inch worm" to the "downward dog", we've got the best animals moves for a foxy body!

Inch Worm: This is a great move to stretch yourself out, just be sure that you are bending at the hip.  As long as you keep your abs tight, this move can be felt throughout the whole body!  Click here to see how to "Inch worm" your way to flexibility.

Downward Facing Dog: This is a classic yoga pose that is used for many reasons.  It's an awesome stretch that increases flexibility and tones your muscles!  For the full instructions, click here.

Downward Dog Splitting Pose: Moving into this pose, also known as the "Three Legged Dog", is a natural transition from Downward Facing Dog, which as it turns out, isn't just for dogs anymore!  For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Downward Facing Dog with Knee Tuck: If you like the Downward Facing Dog, you'll like this variation.  It stretches everything that the classic yoga move does, in addition to a thigh stretch.  For more information on this pose, click here.

Cobra Curl: This is another great pose to stretch out your back and build your core.  If this is too difficult, you can modify it by leaving the tops of your feet against the floor instead of standing on your toes. For details on the Cobra Curl, click here.

cobra curl

Scorpion Twist:  If you need a good back stretch, this one is awesome.  By moving you legs across your body, you'll be able to stretch muscles in a new way! To learn how to properly perform this move, click here.

Frog Jump: This is a great move to get your blood pumping! It can be a little hard on the knees, so if you've got weak knees, modify it by decreasing your range of motion on the jump and drop.  For details on this move, click here.

Fish Crunches: Abs can be a hard place to target and this move is great for changing things up.  If you are looking to hit your side abdominals, check it out!  Get the full instructions here.

Scorpion Push Up: This is a great variation on the traditional push up.  The move is similar to the classic push up, but with one leg extended upwards.  It's also great for your arms and core.  Click here for details.

Spider Push Up: After lowering yourself to the start of your pushup, bring on leg up towards your shoulder.  This move will help with arm, core and leg strength! Click here to learn how to perform this move.

spider woman pushup

Grasshopper Push Ups: If you want more moves to target more muscles, this is a great choice,  You will feel this in your arms, shoulders, core and legs!  Find out how by clicking here.

Crab Twist:  The crunch and balancing aspects of this move are awesome for your abs!  Make sure to perform this slowly and with control so you are really getting the benifits.  For full details, click here.

Butterfly Chest with Shoulder Press: Tone your arms and shoulders with this great move.  If you're not sure about this, use lighter weights or no weights at all, just make sure to keep the same form.  Click here for exact instructions

Donkey Kick Planks: Planks are a great move to tone your body and build muscle, and adding in new versions will keep your workout fun! This move will help to keep everything tight and toned! To find out how to perform this move, click here.

Reptile Planks: If you liked the spider pushup, you'll love this plank.  It's a great way to tone your glutes as well as your upper body!  To get the details on this move, click here.

reptile plank

Now that you have the greatest fitness moves created by Mother Nature, it's time to embrace your inner animal!