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When you are having a busy day and are wanting a quick chicken fix, KFC can seem like a finger-lickin' good option. However, it's no secret that this fast food chain isn't exactly the mecca of healthy food choices. What if we told you that you could have your KFC without the guilt? You can! While we all need and deserve a good cheat day from time to time, for all of the other days, there are ways to make healthier choices. Some sacrifices will need to be made, but a meal from KFC for under 500 calories is possible!

Grilled Chicken Thighs: So we know that "Fried" is part of the restaurant's name, but when trying cut calories, always avoid it. Luckily, for those in need of a good chicken fix without that crazy calorie total, there's Grilled Chicken Thighs! Each is only 170 calories, so you can enjoy two for only 340 calories. Can't stop thinking about delicious fried chicken? Check out this Skinny UN-Fried Chicken recipe for a healthier version you can create at home. (via KFC)

kfc grilled chicken thigh
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Side of Green Beans: Hey look, a fast food restaurant with veggies! These may not be the macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes that you were hoping for, but these green beans are a flavorful side that only add 25 calories to your total. Want the flavor at home? Try Skinny Country Green Beans! (via KFC)

kfc green beans
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Corn on the Cob: Is it just us, or is there something about corn on the cob that really brings out the flavor of summer? Well KFC has got you covered. At only 70 calories, you can enjoy this delicious treat with zero guilt! (via KFC)

kfc corn on the cob
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Unsweetened Iced Tea: Iced tea is the perfect compliment to this southern-inspired meal. Just be sure to order the unsweetened version to keep that calorie total in check. (via KFC)

kfc unsweetened iced tea
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Total Calories: 435

Whether it's for the sake of convenience or the desire for flavor, we all fall into the fast food trap every now and then. However, it is no excuse to run for the unhealthiest menu items.

Craving chicken but not a KFC fan? No worries, we've got you covered with a few healthier choices at Chick-Fil-A and even ways to make smarter choices when you eat at McDonald's.

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