Kick It! Top 15 Cardio Kickboxing DVDs

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If the summer heat is getting to you, or you're stuck in your house on a rainy day, then these fantastic calorie-torching DVDs are just what you need to get up and move! Cardio kickboxing is an intense and exhilarating way to shred through those unwanted pounds. Just 60 minutes of this heated workout can burn over 700 calories! So if you are ready to kick your energy into gear and bring out your inner warrior, go ahead and give these Cardio Kickboxing DVD's a try!

Cardio Burn Kickbox DVD: Kick your metabolism into gear with this dynamic fitness DVD that includes 2 full workouts! These high-energy sessions will get your heart pounding and sculpt your muscles into lean, mean, kickboxing machines! Click here to purchase.

Cardio Burn Kickbox

Cathe Friedrich's MMA Kickboxing Workout: Turn up the heat with this 50-minute, high-intensity video! Through a combination of punching and kicking exercises, and sports-specific cardio and core drills, you will blast through those unwanted calories and achieve a whole new level of fitness! Click here to purchase.

Jeanette Jenkins - The Hollywood Trainer Cardio Kickboxing DVD: If you are looking for a high-intensity workout that sculpts your entire body, then this could be the DVD for you! This 90-minute workout is divided into 5 chapters, so you can skip to your favorites if you are short on time. You can burn up to 1,000 calories, so be ready for a power-packed, insanely fun experience! Click here to purchase.

jeanette jenkins kickboxing

Ilaria Montagnani's BodyStrikes DVD: This unique fusion of kickboxing and ballet will have you sweating in no time! Ilaria's workout targets your lower body with a series of high-intensity dance and martial arts moves to create a powerful cardio workout. Click here to purchase.

Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix: These 20-minute workouts are perfect if you need to squeeze some exercise into your hectic schedule. Jillian helps to melt off that muffin top with 3 workouts geared towards your upper body, lower body, and abs! These fast-paced, high-impact workouts will whip you into shape! Click here to purchase.

jillian michaels kickbox

30 Minutes to Fitness "Total Body Kickbox": Kelly Coffey-Meyer cranks up the heat with her 2 kickboxing workouts. In just 30 minutes you can either burn maximum calories with her traditional kickboxing routine, or trim down with her cardio sculpting session! Click here to purchase.

P90X Kenpo X: Tony Horton's kickboxing workout will get you sweating in no time! Not only do you get to experience all the different kickboxing moves, but this comprehensive workout enhances your endurance, balance, and coordination as well! Click here to purchase.


Weight Loss Cardio Kick: This DVD contains 2, 20-minute workouts that are geared towards tightening and toning your whole body! If you are tight on time these short, but heated workouts are a great way to squeeze in some exercise. Click here to purchase.

Weight Loss Cardio Kickboxing DVD

TurboFire: Intense Cardio Workout for Women: This workout is custom-designed for women who want to look lean, sexy, and toned to perfection! The HIIT training approach allows you to burn up to 9 times more calories than your average workout, so be prepared to feel the burn! Click here to purchase.

turbo fire

Amy Bento's "In the Ring" DVD: This low-impact, high-intensity fitness DVD is perfect for advanced exercisers who are looking to add a little fun to their workouts! With energetic moves and music, this video is sure to become a rainy-day favorite. Click here to purchase.

In the Ring Amy Bento

10-Minute Solution - Knockout Body:  This DVD is divided into 5 10-minute segments for the optimum workout! It has everything from "Fat Attack" to "Fierce and Fabulous Abs" to "Kickbox Cross Train" for a full-on cardio kickboxing workout that is going to whip your butt! Click here to purchase.

knockout body

Susan Chung's RapidFire Kick, Box and Core Burn: If you love to sweat and are up for a challenge, then give this advanced-level workout a try! The 3 main cardio sections (Shadow Boxing, Aerobic Kickboxing, and Heavy Bag) will get your heart rate up in no time! Click here to purchase.

Les Mills' BODYCOMBAT DVD: You can burn 740 calories in 55 minutes with this workout…Talk about intense! This cardio DVD is fierce, powerful, and downright challenging so brace yourself for a superior kind of fitness! Click here to purchase.


Dana Pieper's "Everybody Fitness: Kickbox Challenge": You have to be on your toes with this routine! In 60 minutes you will get the whole kickboxing experience, from jabs, uppercuts and punches, to kicks and jumps. There are also low-impact modifications throughout, that will keep you focused on the fun! Click here to purchase.

Everybody Fitness Kickbox Challenge

Kickbox Core Cross Train DVD with Patricia Moreno: This graceful and energetic workout is broken into 4 sections - Punches, Core Energizer, Power Kicks, and Ultimate Kickboxing - for a convenient, targeted session! If you are feeling lazy, this DVD provides a great energy boost to get you through your day. Click here to purchase.

kickbox core cross train

These DVDs are a great way to mix up your workout routine and try something new! Stay energized this summer with these awesome, high-intensity kickboxing routines.