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As a busy, working mother, I know how hard it is to make time for yourself. Between housework, taking care of the kids and a heavy to-do list, it’s difficult to find time for a traditional workout. But did you know that by performing many of your everyday tasks, you could be burning over 3,000 calories/day without even trying? Keep reading to see how these 20 little moves can help you achieve some big results!

Brooke Stairs

1. Playing video games on the Wii for 30 minutes: The next time your son or daughter begs you to play a little Wii Dance Party, turn your frown upside down and jump in! Just 30 minutes of Wii play can burn 150 calories.

2. Pushing the cart at the grocery for an hour: Let’s face it, we all hate grocery shopping. But what if you could finally put a positive spin on this chore? Spend just 60 minutes pushing that cart around and you’ve carved out a 243 calorie deficit.

3. Mopping the kitchen floor for an hour: Even if you’re using the handy Swiffer Wet Jet, checking this one off of your to-do list will burn 152 calories!

4Folding clothes for 30 minutes: That’s right ladies, you finally have a reason to fold and put clothes away versus leaving them sit for days in the basket. While the task itself may seem tedious, just 30 minutes of fluff and fold will burn off 72 calories.

5. Push mowing the lawn for 1 hour: If you’ve been adding this chore to your hubby’s to-do list, it may be time to put it back on yours. In just 60 minutes you can torch 324 calories!

6. Vacuuming for 20 minutes: Sure, vacuuming may sometimes seem like a waste of time, especially when that freshly vacuumed floor becomes covered with dozens of Goldfish, but just a 20 minute sweep can burn 56 calories, making it worth all of the extra effort.

7. Washing the car for 20 minutes: Who needs the local car wash when you have a driveway? Ditch the the drive-thru sud soaker and bring on the DIY. At 102 calories for every 20 minutes, you’ll want to host your own neighborhood car wash.

8. Gardening and planting flowers for 2 hours: Nothing brings your home more curb appeal than gorgeous landscaping. Reserving a short two-hour time slot to spruce up your lawn will not only make your home look more welcoming, it will also burn a whopping 648 calories.

9. Making at least 3 beds for 20 minutes: Did your kids run off to school without making their beds again? No worries mama, tuck those blankets in with a smile on your face because you just earned yourself 75 calories worth of their fruit snacks.

10. Giving your dog a bath for 30 minutes: Just like humans, dogs love to be outside, but all of that running around can leave them smelly and dirty. No worries, just pop that pup in the tub for a 30 minute scrub and burn 125 calories for yourself.

11. Running after your child for 2 hours: Everyone knows that when a baby starts walking you’re likely to almost never sit again! But all of that running around is doing more than just keeping your child in check, it’s also burning off 350 calories making it truly feel like an awesome workout.

12. Ironing clothes for 30 minutes: Sure, there’s a new spray on the market that’s supposed make getting the wrinkles out as easy as, “spray and pull”, but the old fashioned way certainly has its benefits too. Invest just 30 minutes of your day pressing shirts and pants, you’ve burned off an estimated 76 calories.

13. Washing windows for 1 hour: Nothing says Spring cleaning like sparkling windows, so grab that Windex and get them gleaming! This little chore not only makes your home more beautiful, it also helps you burn 175 calories.

14. Skipping the elevator and taking the stairs: Do you really need to wait the extra 45 seconds for the elevator? I think not! Skip the easy route and opt for the stairs instead. Climb just five flights and you’re down 50 calories.

15. Brushing your teeth for 2.5 minutes: This one is simple; you have to do it every day and usually twice a day. So pop that brush in and count down to a brighter smile and a body that’s holding on to 5.7 less calories.

16. Grabbing the stroller and walking 20 minutes to visit a neighbor instead of calling: The sunshine is calling you mamas! Want to check in on a neighbor or get up-to-date on some much needed gossip? Put the phone down, start walking and in minutes you’ve burned 175 calories!

17. Walking your dog for 30 minutes: That precious pooch needs a workout just as much as you do so why not grab the leash and make it a win-win situation. Just 30 minutes will leave him/her feeling refreshed and you 70 calories lighter.

18. Playing outside with your child for 25 minutes: It’s time to take play-time outside. Getting out of the house and running around for just 25 minutes with your child will help to alleviate stress and burn a quick 75 calories.

19. Parking at the back of the parking lot and walking the extra 5 minutes: Instead of wasting five minutes driving up and down the aisles looking for a closer spot, why not make a beeline for the very back and walk that extra distance? This little step will not only save you the frustration of a pointless open spot search, the short walk will also burn an extra 33 calories.

20. Sexual activity for 30 minutes: At evening’s end, there is no better way to unwind than with a little one-on-one time. Just 30 minutes of coital can help you reconnect with your significant other after a busy day and burn a final 144 calories.

So there it is, 20 things you could be doing everyday that boost your calorie burn. This brings me to what inspired this post. You may know I recently signed up for a new, no annual fee credit card—the Amex EveryDay Credit Card—that takes my little, everyday purchases (groceries, diapers, personal hygiene items and gas) and adds them up to lots of rewards points. I get 2x the points at US supermarkets and a point on anything else, and if I use it 20 times in a month (billing cycle) it actually boosts those points I earned by 20%.

Brooke Griffin is an American Express Card Member and an ambassador, chosen for the EveryDay Mom Blogger Program and has been compensated for her services.


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