The Best Sports Bra For Your Bust

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Serious woman in sports bra doing sit-ups on exercise mat
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There is no worse feeling than the bounce of unrestrained boobies. If you aren't one of those crazy ladies who love to go bra-less, there may be plenty of times when you fear that if you descend the steps too quickly, you'll get a good whack in the chin from the girls. So how can you avoid this at the gym? Finding the right sports bra for you is not an easy task, but with these suggestions, you may be able to avoid the booby bounce from now on!

Small Sized Breasts If you fall into the A or B cup size, you're best choice is most likely a compression sports bra. It's also in your best interest to go with racerback straps. Racer back will insure that the bra stays closely fitted to your body to provide the support you need. Having small breasts allows you to change up styles and still have support, so check out these cool bra options!

Nike 'Pro' Compression Racerback Bra: This is a great bra because it's a tight fit that is sure to hold your chest in place regardless of the intensity of your workout.

(Photo: Nike Pro racerback compression bra Photo credit: Nordstrom)

Keep it Simple Sports Bra: From Urban Outfitters' new activewear line, this sports bra is great for a low or medium impact workout, and is made of a comfortable and breathable fabric.

(Photo: Keep it simple sports bra Urban Outfitters Photo credit: Urban Outfitters)

Average Sized Breasts While you may have a 'normal' breast size, that doesn't mean finding a good fit is easy. No bras are created equal! For a middle ground cup size, we suggest finding a compression bra with wide straps, or a racerback bra with an encapsulation style, simply meaning it has built in cups.

Zella Melange Sports Bra: A comfortable fit great for a medium impact workout like hiking, yoga or power walking. This bra will keep everything in place and is comfortable because of it's wide and adjustable straps. This bra also has lots of side coverage to prevent the dreaded bra bulge.

(Photo: Zella Melange sports bra Photo credit: Nordstrom)

'Amour' Sports Bra: This is a great bra for those with C-cups because there is a more defined area for each breast than what you might find in a compression-styled sports bra. It also has a racer back to keep the bra close to the body.

(Photo: armour sports bra Photo credit: Nordstrom)

Large Breasts For women with DD's and larger, you really know the pain of the bounce. But there are plenty of options for you as well! For larger breasted women, proper and sufficient support is key. That usually means a thick band underneath and possibly an underwire. You'll also want to find thicker straps to keep everything comfortably lifted.

Wacoal Underwire sports Bra: Offered by Nordstrom, this bra ranges in sizes from 32C to 40G, making it an awesome option for you bigger breasted ladies. It has underwire and a thick band for the ultimate support, and wide straps for lift and comfort.

(Photo: Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra Photo credit: Nordstrom)

Natori Cotton Blend Convertible Underwire Sports Bra: This sports bra offers underwire, a stretchable cotton material and is the perfect bra for keeping everything in place. It also hooks in the back for an even better fit! You can chose from black, white or grey.

(Photo: Natori Cotton Blend Convertible Underwire Sports Bra Photo credit: Nordstrom)

Next time you're headed to the gym, keep your girls in check with a proper fitting sports bra. Having the right amount of support, will allow you to get the most out of your workout without worry or that horrible bouncing-boobs distraction. If you think you've found the right bra, but you still aren't feeling as secure and lifted as possible, check out these moves to give the girls a boost!