Team Up to Slim Down

| Weight Loss

friends at the gym

They say everything is better in two's, and when it comes to losing weight, that just might be the case! Going on a diet, following through with a regular exercise program and fighting food temptation can be difficult—especially if you are trying to do all three at once. But if you find someone who's in the same boat as you to partner up with, you may have a better chance at success. Here are a few reasons why it may be better to team up in order to slim down!

Accountability: When you try to lose weight on your own, the only person who holds you accountable for your actions is you. While you may not think it's a big deal to let yourself down, letting down a friend might feel completely different. You are more likely to stay on course knowing that you need to regularly check in with someone to track your progress. Plus let's be honest, everything is just more fun when you do it with a friend! Prefer to sweat it out with your sweetheart? We've got 7 great workouts that are a perfect match!

couple running together outside

Support: No matter what you try to accomplish in life, having someone’s full support is key for success. For those times when you feel like you absolutely can't continue with your weight loss efforts or are feeling down about a setback, a buddy will hear you out and understand how you feel. You can rely on each other for moral support, whether you are trying to get through a dinner party without ruining your diet, or just feeling like giving up entirely.

Motivation: There will be times when you just don't want to lift another weight, do another kickboxing class or eat another salad. That is when your partner in crime will light that proverbial fire under your butt and get you going strong again! Everyone has ups and downs when it comes to motivation, which is why having someone right alongside with you will give you that much needed push on those tougher days.

friends eating

Fun: What is more fun than trying new things with someone else? Plan a lunch date with your buddy and order some of the latest, healthy dishes the menu has to offer. The two of you can revel, detest and make funny faces sampling these new foods! If you were ever hesitant about trying a new exercise or fitness class, having a friend with you can certainly ease that paranoia and worry. Looking for a few new workouts to add to your routine? Try one of these fat-blasting, fun workouts!

A partner in fitness can make the challenge of weight loss and healthy living more manageable and certainly much more fun. Make sure you choose someone with similar goals to help keep you on track, and help you through all of weight loss' little bumps in the road.