How to Change Your Luck Today: 4 Life-Changing Secrets

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People would tell you that life simply is a ride around a wheel – sometimes, you’re on top, and other times you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. However, if you feel you have been down there for too long and there is no sign of things ever looking up, it’s easy to feel as if when the world was showered with luck, you were somehow missing in action.

If this is your perspective, it’s about time you gave your mentality a makeover. Luck is not about circumstance, it is, instead, about technique. Dr. Richard Wiseman, psychologist and author of the ground-breaking book, "The Luck Factor: Four Essential Principles", has studied luck as if it were a science, and has discovered that luck is not something we are born with, it is something we can learn. Meaning, people can learn to actually be luckier by altering the way they think and act. Only you have the full capacity to change the direction in which your winds of fate blow. Here are some tips to get you started on better luck today.

Keep quiet and listen - your inner voice is talking: Luck does not seem to be something the conscious aspect of thought can detect. Often times, when we are faced with a situation that calls for a sudden decision and quick action, we find ourselves arguing with ourselves regarding the decision. In a sense, it's much like taking a multiple choice test. You want to pick A, but your logic tells you it’s B. Then you feel like kicking yourself in the head after discovering that the correct answer is A. Learning to listen to your intuition can be hard at first, especially when you have so many other thoughts. Try keeping a journal to write down thoughts so you can reflect on them later and remember, sometimes our gut feelings are unreasonable, but they are usually right.


Take risks and take heart: In life, it's really up to you to create your own lucky circumstances. Be more confident and do something daring, without compromising anything that is important to you. Lucky people are ambitious. They do not settle for low expectations, and they always dream big. With this said, luck is synonymous with confidence. Good fortune is a prophecy only you can fulfill. Tell yourself over and over that you can, and soon enough, you will.

If you circulate within a network of luck, some will rub off on you: Building a network is not just about meeting new people; it is more importantly about interacting with the right kinds of people who can change your luck. These people are lucky, not because they were born so, but because they have had a head-start at paving a path to success. With that said, you may not acquire a good network if you only rely on your family, close friends, colleagues at work and neighbors. People who have constant good luck pool, build a lucky network by befriending people at the bus stop or chatting up a stranger at the supermarket aisle. This unorthodox way of meeting new people, brings about opportunities you never thought would be possible.

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Stay positive, even in the worst situations: Cultivate an attitude of optimism – there is always something positive about even the worst situation. If you fall down a flight of stairs and fracture your leg, you can always think, “At least I didn’t break my back” instead of crying, “Why me?”

This mentality will bring out the resilience in you, but it will also teach you a great deal about learning from experience. So follow these tips, and go create a luckier life for yourself!