3 Tips for a Sexy Summer Body

| Weight Loss

woman on beach in bikini with sand on her butt

When summer began, many people set high hopes and clear goals for their fitness/healthy eating routines. However, as the pre-summer season fades into the dog days of summer, often our commitment and dedication begin to slip. In order to help you refocus and stay motivated, we've called upon Anna Renderer, fitness director at Burn 60, to give us 3 tips for a sexy summer body.

Renderer, who specializes in weight loss and optimal performance training, developed SHED IT NOW™, a personal training and online fitness education program, and produced her first DVD called “SHED 2 WED,” which helps women lose weight and get toned before their wedding. Renderer is also the co-founder and CEO of KFIT Health, creating stronger and healthier kids.

So what does this fitness superstar recommend? Keep reading to find out!

woman with strong legs standing in bathing suit on the beach

Cut calories during happy hour: Summer is a social time for everyone! However those cute cocktails can really pack some crazy calories. Instead of sipping your calorie budget away, try one of these tips:

  • Replace regular drinks with a skinny cocktail like our Skinny Watermelon Martini or Fresh Cranberry Margarita.
  • Add water to the rotation. By adding a glass of water in between your cocktail of choice, you will slow down and stay hydrated. Tired of plain water? Try some of our favorite fruity detox waters to mix things up this summer.
  • Avoid the mixers! All those fancy cocktails that sound so delicious are about as bad for you as eating a giant candy bar! Most are a minimum of 250 calories, and contain an insane amount of sugar. Instead, stick to fresh ingredients for flavor such as fresh lime, lemon, mint, or berries.

Add variety by enjoying the outdoors: In order to stay in shape, it’s important to stay active during the summer months.

  • If you tend to mix strength training and running for a workout plan, try a swim or bike on the alternative days. This will make your routine feel new and effective. Bonus: going swimming is a great excuse to buy a cute and flattering swimsuit.
  • If you are a runner who goes on 8-10 mile runs for an average workout, try incorporating some bodyweight lunges, squats, push ups, and core exercises during your runs. There are also plenty of fun themed races during the summer to help keep your workouts fun!
  • Go hiking! Outdoor summer activities make for great exercise routines, and hiking is one of the top calorie burners. In addition to the amazing burn, hiking is also a great way to spend time with friends or add a fresh twist to a traditional date!

Participate in circuit training at least 2 days per week:

  • Circuit training gives more benefits than traditional cardio, because it places a higher demand on the muscular, nervous, and metabolic systems while still emphasizing the cardiovascular benefits of traditional cardio. Circuit training will challenge your strength, coordination, reaction, heart rate, breathing rate, and overall physical demand, which in essence, is the goal in trying to stay lean and toned.
  • You can try an at-home circuit training workout that burns 500 calories or a killer kettle bell circuit to keep your bikini body intact!

We know it can be easy to lose motivation as the cooler weather draws nearer, but there is still plenty of summer left! Remember, staying healthy doesn't have to be boring or a solo project. Try working out with friends or reconnecting with your significant other over a healthy summer date. No matter what you choose to do, staying on track is the key to achieving your goals!