Fast Food Under 500: Sonic Drive-In


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If you're looking to turn your last-minute fast food decision into an experience, Sonic Drive-In may just be the spot. You can pull up and park, press the big red button, place an order, and before you know it, you're food is right there at your car window. But just because you're craving a little fast food feast doesn't mean that you should throw your health and calories out the window! If you think you can't resist the urge to order a footlong coney, just keep on driving. That hot dog covered in chili and cheese is 830 calories on its own! Instead you should come prepared to make healthier choices, so that you can easily order an entire meal under 500 calories.

Corn Dog: So you shouldn't order their hot dogs and coneys covered in calories, but you can still enjoy a classic corn dog! It checks in at only 230 calories. If your having a craving at home, why not try our skinny baked corn dog recipe. (via Sonic Drive-In)

sonic corn dog
(Photo: Photo Credit: Sonic Drive-In)

Small Tots: Who can resist tater tots? Nobody, that's who. You can order up a small size for 220 calories to go along with your corn dog. Again, you can skinny things down and satisfy your cravings ay home with our cauliflower tots. (via Sonic Drive-In)

tater tots
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Apple Slices: Just about every fast food restaurant now offers apple slices, so they are a safe bet as a crunchy side to your meal. But skip the caramel sauce, apples on their own are 35 calories and the caramel sauce adds 75 calories. (via Sonic Drive-In)

sonic apple slices
(Photo: Photo Credit: Sonic Drive-In)

Small Diet Cherry Limeade Slush: Sonic is known for their huge array of drinks, including limeade slushes. And just because you are trying to choose healthy options doesn't mean you have to be excluded from the fun! A small diet cherry limeade is only 15 calories, and there are tons of flavored diet iced teas for 0 calories. (via Sonic Drive-In)

sonic diet cherry limeade
(Photo: Photo Credit: Sonic Drive-In)

Total Calories: 500

Sonic Drive-In is a classic American restaurant concept in modern day, but beware of certain menu items that can pack some serious calories. Click here for full nutritional menu.

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