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Whether it’s relaxing in a cabana by the serenity pool or surfing the waves at Zuma Beach, Fours Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, Calif., is the epitome of the motto, ‘So much to do, so little time!’

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Four Seasons Westlake truly has something for every type of vacationer, especially those looking for active leisure, deep relaxation and personal improvement. This hotel is one of Los Angeles’s most inclusive spa and wellness programs, and has been ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the best in the country.

Guests can enjoy any of Four Seasons' yoga, Pilates or group fitness classes, water sports such as scuba diving and whale watching, tennis, golf and horseback riding. The hotel is also right by Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area, where you can enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking and so much more.

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For golf fans, enjoy exclusive access to the famous Jack Nicklaus-designed Sherwood Lake Course, also known as “Bear’s Best.” The course features three sets of tees; Nicklaus’s premiere par-3 holes, tiered greens and a 65-yard hole with an island green. Not only do you get to relax while putting around, but you also get to enjoy the beautiful canyon scenery!

Four Seasons Westlake Canyon
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Four Seasons Westlake is also home to the Organic Specialty Farm Tour, one of the only organic heirloom fruit farms in the country. You will get to visit Philen Pharms, which specializes in unique tasting fruits, and you’ll also get to walk through the hills where George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple trees grow. Experts are there to give you tips on organic and heirloom growing, and you’ll even get a gourmet lunch on the hillside from Four Seasons' executive chef! It doesn’t stop there; you'll also receive a cooking lesson with a dietitian at the Health and Longevity Institute, to teach you how to cook healthy once you're back home.

The California Health and Longevity Institute is available to Four Seasons' guests, and is a leader in science-based lifestyle rejuvenation. Here, you will receive advice, education and inspiration from their team of physicians, dieticians, exercise physiologists and lifestyle consultants to make real and lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

center for longetivity
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If you're ready to take advantage of everything Four Seasons Westlake has to offer, then click here to make a reservation. The experience is sure to be nothing short of completely unforgettable! Interested in reading about other Destination Fitness locations? Click here to read other articles in this series.