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Vampires beware: it's time to start using more garlic. It's no secret that garlic adds flavor to many recipes, like Cheesy Garlic Pork Chops and Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes, but garlic's uses don't stop there. Ecosalon outlined unusual uses for garlic, and we have compiled a list of our 10 favorite. From interesting and helpful, to just plain shocking, you'll never look at garlic the same!

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Keep bugs off your plants: If you want bugs to stay off of your backyard garden (or your urban farming area), but don't like the idea of icky pesticides, try garlic! A mixture of garlic, mineral oil, and dish soap can be sprayed onto plants to keep crawlers away.

Get rid of your acne: Acne happens sometimes, even when you try to prevent it. Garlic may have a strong smell, but it also has antibacterial properties. That means that fresh cloves can be rubbed onto your acne to reduce their appearance. But maybe don't do it before you go out, because people will be left wondering what that smell is.

Stop your cough: While steeping garlic like tea may not be the tastiest beverage you'll have all day, it can be worth a shot as a natural remedy for a bad cough. Can't stomach the idea of that much garlic flavor? There are plenty of other natural cough remedies.

Heal your ear infection: Remember how we said garlic has antibacterial properties? Here's another way to take advantage of that! Garlic and olive oil can be combined and dripped into the infected ear. Make sure you check with your doctor to determine what could be causing your ear ache, though.

Remove your splinters: Splinters hurt, and kids are even more prone to shy away from the idea of getting them out forcefully. Next time a stubborn splinter makes its way in, cover the area with a slice of garlic held down by a bandaid. The splinter should work its way out in a few hours.

Repair your glass: Not only is garlic antibacterial, it can also act as a natural adhesive. If you have hairline cracks on glass, simply rub a clove over the crack and wipe away any excess.

Cure your athlete's foot: Antibacterial, adhesive, AND anti-fungal! Garlic is a true household hack. A few cloves in a warm foot soak can get your athlete's foot on the road to recovery.

Stop your yeast infection: A yeast infection may be the cause of unusual smells down there, and this garlic use is pretty shocking. We aren't sure if we would be brave enough to try it, but women around the world sometimes use peeled cloves and a tampon applicator to cure yeast infections.

De-ice your pavement: If you run out of your go-to de-icing method this winter, consider garlic salt instead!

Boost your desire: If you are looking for an aphrodisiac but you hate oysters, you can use garlic instead! While you and your significant other's breath won't be so fresh after eating, garlic does aid circulation to your extremities. Don't like garlic either? There are many other foods to boost the mood.

Interested in even more uses for garlic? Read the full article here. Interested in more household hacks? Baking soda and vinegar both have a variety of uses as well. What are some of your favorite uses for garlic?