Fast Food Under 500: Jack in the Box


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From burgers, to breakfast, to egg rolls, Jack in the Box has a little bit of everything. They also pack a lot of calories into those burgers, breakfasts, and tacos. A BBQ Ultimate Cheeseburger is 806 calories, an Extreme Sausage Sandwich carries 644 calories, and an order of 3 egg rolls is 442 calories. However, all calorie-counting hope is not lost if you decide to dine at Jack in the Box. While you will need to be conscious of your choices, it is completely possible to grab a quick meal for under 500 calories!

Chicken Fajita Pita on Whole Grain: Ditch a boring hamburger and grab a chicken fajita pita for 360 calories! You can also enjoy a tasty chicken pita at home with our greek chicken stuffed pitas. Don't like pitas? Despite the daunting name, a Monster Taco is only 267 calories. (via Jack in the Box)

jack in the box chicken fajita pita
(Photo: Photo Credit: Jack in the Box)

Side Salad: We think salads are a great addition to any meal, as you can see by our extensive salad recipe index. This small side salad adds only 20 calories to your meal. (via Jack in the Box)

jack in the box salad
(Photo: Photo Credit: Jack in the Box)

Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette: Most salad dressings from fast food restaurants are too calorie-packed to consider, but this low fat balsamic vinaigrette delivers flavor at only 30 calories. Continue enjoying the flavor at home with our light balsamic vinaigrette. (via Jack in the Box)

Chiquita Apple Slices with Caramel: While apple slices are quickly becoming a staple in healthy fast food meals, you even get caramel with these! This healthier dessert option is only 70 calories, so you can enjoy the sweet treat without any guilt. (via Jack in the Box)

jack in the box apple slices
(Photo: Photo Credit: Jack in the Box)

Diet Dr. Pepper: Adding a Diet Dr. Pepper won't add any calories to your meal, or you could order a water for an even healthier option. (via Jack in the Box)

jack in the box diet dr pepper
(Photo: Photo Credit: Jack in the Box)

 Total Calories: 480

Just because you have to grab a quick meal at Jack in the Box doesn't mean that you have to throw your diet out the window! With some strategic choices, you can easily score a meal under 500 calories. Click here to see Jack in the Box's full nutrition menu. Want to see other fast food meals for under 500 calories? Check out some of the other articles in this series; Burger KingMcDonald'sChick-fil-ATaco BellArby'sKFCWendy's, and Panera Bread.