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Filled with energetic workouts during the day and exciting activities in the evening, you will barely realize how much you are moving and getting in shape with this Sonki Fitness Vacation! Located in Santa Monica, Calif., Sonki Fitness tailors their activities to the free-spirited and those looking for a great way to enhance their fitness.

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The Sonki Fitness package includes seven nights in their luxurious accommodations, total body workouts, daytime activities, evening activities, fitness goodies, ground transportation and so much more! You will be able to enjoy all different types of activities, such as hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, dancing, and luau’s.

If you’re looking for a little bit more of a challenge and really want to get into great shape, then sign up for their five-week long boot camp. Designed to condition the entire body and mind, these one-hour sessions burn a ton of calories, decrease your total body fat and drastically improve your total body fitness. Classes are held in Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Playa Vista, Santa Monica and Westwood, and there are three different programs to choose from depending on your fitness goals.

Sonki Fitness also offers group training, where you can hire a personal trainer but share the cost with a friend while still reaping the benefits of the professional. Their trainers focus on strength training, aerobic exercises, circuit training, agility drills, sprints, martial arts, flexibility improvement and occasionally games. Your trainer will push you to your limits and make sure fitness becomes a lifelong habit!

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(Photo: Photo Credit: Sonki Fitness)

In addition to the group training, Sonki Fitness offers personal training if you want solo attention and focus from the trainer. They will help you reach your fitness goals by making exercise fun and teaching mental toughness.

All of Sonki Fitness’s programs follow their main goal, which is to, “get you in the best shape of your life, for life!” They want fitness to be a lifelong marathon, not a short sprint, and they teach you this using top-notch class instructors, positive reinforcement, mental training and safe and effective exercises.

If you want to be a part of Sonki Fitness’s goal and think one of these programs suits your fitness needs, then don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and sign up today! To make a reservation, click here.

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