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Coconut is one useful food. From being included in delicious recipes like Coconut Crusted Salmon and Lemon Coconut Cake, to the many health benefits of drinking coconut water, and the versatile coconut oil, this amazing food can work wonders for our entire body! Below you'll find ten of the most interesting and helpful uses for coconut oil for everyday life.

coconut oil

In your cooking: This may seem obvious, but coconut oil has endless possibilities in your recipes alone. From chocolate chip cookies made with coconut oil to coating cookware for a microwave egg + veggie breakfast bowl, coconut oil can replace other oils in most of your recipes.

In your beauty routine: Coconut oil is your new beauty best friend. Rub it on your hands for a moisturizing lotion, on your age spots to lighten them, onto your lips as chapstick, and onto a pregnant tummy to help prevent stretch marks.

Ease your allergy symptoms: Many people suffer from allergies during the spring, summer, and fall months, but rubbing some coconut oil on the inside of your nose can help alleviate symptoms. Need more help? Check out more tips to fight back against allergies.

Sooth your sore throat: Have a sore throat? Melt a a tablespoon of coconut oil into a warm mug of tea to soothe your throat.

Cure your yeast infection: To rid yourself of that nasty yeast infection naturally, try soaking a tampon in coconut oil and wearing it for a few hours.

Whiten your teeth: If you want to whiten your teeth at home (and who doesn't?), then coconut oil can be one natural option. Simply mix with baking soda to make a whitening paste.

Pamper your feet: Pedicures at a nail salon can be expensive, so why not try removing dead skin at home! Mix coconut oil with salt to scrub your feet smooth.

Conceal your split ends: Life is busy, and sometimes a haircut is the last thing on your to-do list. Split ends start to frizz out, but don't worry! Coconut oil comes to your rescue, concealing frizzy ends.

Improve your gum health: Oil pulling has many health benefits, including improved gum health. A tablespoon of virgin cold pressed coconut oil can literally work wonders.

Heal your sunburn faster: Summer is full of fun outdoor activities, and if you don't protect your skin properly you may get sunburned. After the initial heat is gone, rub a little coconut oil on your skin to soothe and heal the area faster.

Believe it or not, there are even more uses for coconut oil than what we've listed here, making it a true household hack. Interested in learning more about the versatility of coconut oil? Check out Wellness Mama's list of 101 uses for coconut oil.