Fast Food Under 500: Panda Express


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Sometimes you're in the middle of a hectic day and need to pick up a quick meal. Luckily, there are more fast food choices than we often know what to do with. Just because you have to cheat with a fast food restaurant, doesn't mean it has to be a burger and fries. Panda Express offers quick Chinese food for those days that you're in a hurry. Not in a hurry and still want Asian food? Be sure to check out Skinny Mom's Asian recipe index. But for those days when you prefer to visit Panda Express, read below to see what a meal for under 500 calories looks like!

Shiitake Kale Chicken Breast: This entree is both flavorful and packed with super foods! There are even foods that can boost your immune system, and shiitake mushrooms are one of them. Add in chicken breast, kale, and broccoli, and you have 170 delicious calories. (via Panda Express)

panda express shiitake kale chicken
(Photo: Photo Credit: Panda Express)

Mixed Veggies: This just might be the most veggie-packed fast food meal you'll come across! This side item is a healthier side item choice that adds only 70 calories to your meal total. (via Panda Express)

panda express mixed veggies
(Photo: Photo Credit: Panda Express)

Cream Cheese Rangoon: So at 190 calories this "appetizer" has more calories than your entree, but everyone deserves to indulge every now and then. (via Panda Express)

panda express cream cheese rangoon
(Photo: Photo Credit: Panda Express)

Fortune Cookies: No Chinese take-out meal is complete without a fortune cookie or two! Panda Express serves them up for only 32 calories, so go ahead and enjoy! (via Panda Express)

panda express fortune cookies
(Photo: Photo Credit: Panda Express)

Diet Pepsi: Top your meal off with a 0 calorie Diet Pepsi, or a water if you want to make and even healthier choice. (via Panda Express)

panda express diet pepsi
(Photo: Photo Credit: Panda Express)

 Total Calories: 462

We all need cheat days, but you don't have to feel guilty about them! A meal for under 500 calories from your favorite fast food restaurants is completely possible. Want to see other fast food meals for under 500 calories? Check out some of the other articles in this series by clicking here. You can click here to see Panda Express' full nutritional menu.