The Best Sweat Wicking Workout Gear for Summer

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Sweating is great...well, it is when you work out anyway. Without a couple beads of sweat, you may feel like you haven't worked out hard enough. However, leaving the gym looking like you jumped into the lap pool may be a little too much sweat. Excess sweat is slightly awkward, and it feels twice as bad as it looks. Good thing fitness apparel has expanded beyond cotton and mesh. There's a brand new buzzword in many athletic clothing lines, and it's called "sweat wicking."

Under Armour Heat Gear Fly-By-Stretch-Mesh-Tank: Soft and breathable, this tank has an open back for unmatched comfort!

(Photo: under armour fly-by stretch mesh tank Photo Credit: Lady Foot Locker)

Adidas Climacool Supernova Running T-Shirt: Available in 6 different colors, this T-shirt provides heat and moisture management through ventilation!

(Photo: adidas climacool supernova running t-shirt Photo Credit: Lady Foot Locker)

Nike Pro Core Fitted Short-Sleeve: Perfect for warmer days, this short sleeve shirt gives you all the benefits of sweat wicking without the long sleeves. Again, this top comes in a variety of colors.

(Photo: Nike pro core fitted short-sleeve Photo Credit: Nike)

Nike Filament Capri Pants: Good for running, or any type of workout that you do! We love the capri length for cross fit or HIIT training as well.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 2.17.24 PM
(Photo: Nike)

Women’s R-Gear, Run, Walk, and Play Pants: These pants are super comfy and very versatile. Plus they come in all kinds of colors to match your workout gear!

workout pants
(Photo: Road Runner Sports)

LL Bean Fitness Pants Cropped: These pants are rated as a favorite fit and are great for sun protection as well! The loose style is awesome for some Zumba dancing, or any kind of kick butt cardio!

(Photo: LL Bean)

If you didn't find what you were looking for here, check out these fitness clothing items for every curve, or these sports bras your you bust, so you can look as amazing you feel every time you workout!