Working Out Solo vs Working Out With a Friend

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When it comes to getting in a great workout, there seems to be some debate over whether you should team up with a friend or fly solo. According to Stack Fitness, there are pros and cons to both.


Extra motivation: Having a friend to share your fitness goals with often makes the effort a bit easier. You can keep each other on track, take fitness classes together and even engage in friendly competition to keep things fun.

Fitness is fast and fun with friends: While that typical run on the treadmill may seem like an eternity solo, having a friend next to you to chat with can make the time go faster.


Losing your edge: Sometimes working out with a friend can instantly turn your fitness hour into a social hour. You stop running and lifting in favor of gossiping and looking at Facebook. This means you’re getting a less efficient workout in, or in some cases, no workout at all.

Different levels of expertise: While you may go into this with a common goal; lose weight, trim your muffin top or blast that booty, chances are you’re working at different levels. While you may struggle just to walk for 45 minutes on the treadmill, your BFF could be hitting the elliptical at full speed! This can make your workouts frustrating, and your goals feel unattainable.

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You can really focus on you: When it’s just you and your workout, you can truly get focused and work on you! Whether you need that time to de-stress, feel the burn, or simply as your only time away from the kids, if you have a 'Chatty Kathy' gal-pal along for the ride, you’ll likely end up more focused on her.

No waiting around: If you workout on your own, you can do it any time you like. There’s no need to plan a time with a buddy, then wait for them to show. There’s also no waiting around time after you’re done either. You can simply get in, get your workout on, and get the heck out.


Life can be lonely: If you’re not much of a loner anywhere else in life, than chances are you won’t be at the gym either. Some people feel intimidated around strangers and need a wing-woman to ease the discomfort. Flying solo means no buddy to lean on.

No one to hold you accountable: With no one there to hold you accountable, you’re likely to slack on your diet and your workout. Sure, you can log in your fitness app that you ran 5 miles today, but if no one was there to see that you barely jogged for 10 minutes, who is going to challenge you?

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No matter what you choose, make the choice that keeps you on track to your health and fitness goals and gets you your best workout ever!