6 Ways To Look Gorg When Sweating Bullets

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Looking like a sweaty mess is never fun but keeping yourself looking together and gorgeous at the gym can be one of the more challenging tasks for you glam gals. Here are 6 ways to look gorgeous even when sweating bullets, from your wardrobe to your lashes!

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Dress for Your Body Type: Crop tops might be all the rage, but if you're pear shaped, choosing a flared yoga pant and fitted top may be a better pick. If you can't find the attire you're looking for, check out Skinny Mom's favorite workout clothing for curvey bodies. Being fashionable and comfortable to move freely in your workout gear will leave you looking and feeling your best!

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Choose Your Foundation Wisely: A touch of foundation will leave you with a nice even skin tone, and with the right formula you'll look photo ready before and after your box jumps! Opt for a mineral powder foundation when doing cardio to prevent a liquid meltdown, and to reduce the risk of clogging your pores while you sweat. For a lighter workout, a liquid will do just fine. Whatever your choice, make sure to start with a foundation primer to help keep your foundation in its place.


Waterproof, Waterproof, Waterproof: From your mascara to your eye and cheek colors, opt for waterproof! For eyes and cheeks look for creamy colors that go on smoothly and set in minutes for crease- proof, waterproof color. Click here for our 5 top picks for waterproof mascara.


Pull It Up: Hair, that is. Flowing hair may seem like a fabulous idea until your gorgeous tendrils are drenched in sweat and weighing you down. To preserve a blow out, go for low pig tails. A low smooth pony tail will transition well to post-gym if that is more your style, and braided bangs work better than any headband. Finally, never underestimate the power of dry shampoo for a quick pick me up post-workout!

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Keep it Fresh: Don't have time to fit in a workout and a shower? Make sure to take a body mist and deodorant with you to freshen up, along with personal cleansing cloths like Playtex's Sport Body Wipes. No one will even know that you just killed it in spin class!


Hydrate: Good skin care can only do so much for a glowing complexion. We can not emphasize enough how important it is to drink enough water. Make sure you are hydrating, and more importantly, re-hydrating after your workout. Don't undue your hard work with calorie laden sports drinks, stick with straight up water instead. Want to really boost your beauty? Try one of these amazing detox waters!

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Follow these tips, and you'll be looking smoking hot while sweating bullets!