Fast Food Under 500: Subway


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(Photo: Subway Photo Credit: Huffington Post)

Remember Subway's spokesperson Jared, the guy who lost weight by simply eating at Subway? We know that in order to lose weight, exercise is a necessary component to any diet and you probably won't lose a drastic amount of weight simply by switching your diet to only Subway foods. However, we've compiled a list of foods from Subway that amount to just under 500 calories in total, so that next time you're in a rush and looking for a quick lunch or dinner, you can stop at Subway without feeling guilty about eating fast food.

6" Turkey Breast & Ham Sub: This sub combines the hearty flavors of turkey and ham with your favorite veggies and adds up to only 280 calories, plus only four grams of fat!

(Photo: Subway Turkey and Ham Photo Credit: Subway)

Vegetable Beef Soup: At only 90 calories, a bowl of veggie beef soup pairs perfectly with your ham and turkey sub, and gives you some extra sustenance to get through the rest of the day. Looking for great soups you can cook at home? Click here!

Apple Slices: Enjoy this package of sliced apples for a sweet healthy bite to eat. Apple slices are becoming a healthy staple in many fast food chains, so you can substitute these for fries almost anywhere if you're looking to cut down. Coming in at only 35 calories, that brings your total to 405 calories.

(Photo: product shot apple slices Photo Credit: Subway)

Diet Coke: Add a Diet Coke to your lunch for zero calories! Or, since you've got a couple cals to spare, substitute your Diet Coke for a Minute Maid Light Lemonade and add only 15 more calories, bringing your total to 420 calories.

(Photo: diet coke Photo Credit: Subway)

And there you have it: another fast food meal under 500 calories. It is completely possible to eat a little healthier at fast food restaurants; all it takes is a little planning, a little math and one satisfied tummy. Want to see other skinny fast food options? Check out other restaurants from this series. Click here to see a pdf of Subway's nutrition information, or click here to see an interactive chart on their website.