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Is your crazy, hectic life getting in the way of really focusing on yourself and your health? Ever wonder if there's a place to go to just unwind, relax, and have someone to assist you in your journey to creating a healthier lifestyle? Well, let Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa help you meet those needs. Pritikin’s health resort is burrowed in a private enclave surrounded by tropical paradise in Miami. They focus on taking life to the next level, losing weight, and becoming the healthiest version of yourself that you can be. Some of the main health concentrations include; healthy weight loss, reverse heart disease, lower cholesterol, control diabetes, lower blood pressure and reverse metabolic syndrome.

Country Inns Magazine recently rated Pritikin as, “The resort spa of choice in Florida,” and let’s be honest, what’s better than getting healthy while on the most beautiful beaches in the world? Filled with fabulous amenities include swimming pools, five championship golf courses, tennis courts, and meditative labyrinths, you’ll never run out of things to do.

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At Pritikin longevity center and spa, they offer many different programs tailored to certain needs of the guests. Two of their most popular programs are their all inclusive program and specialty programs that concentrate on the needs of the guests.

All-inclusive Health Resort Program: This program is one of the most successful and popular package that they have. Each day guests are immersed in education classes, exercise, weight-loss counseling, and physician care that inspires them to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Pritikin program makes sure that hunger is never an issue either, supplying 5 gourmet meals and snacks that promote weight loss while still satisfying the tastebuds. They also have a premier medical program included in the package, with 6 board certified physicians who provide each guest with the expert medical attention required for achieving major life transformations. Pritikin has an expert panel of registered dietitians and chefs who teach classes on healthy eating in the real world, and they also host small, group workshops led by their psychologists, who help guests break through personal obstacles that hold them back from health and weight-loss success.

(Photo: Photo Credit: Pritikin Longevity Resort and Spa)

The Pritikin Exercise Program teaches a comprehensive approach involving cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and stretching. Each component is designed to be safe, fun, and easy to follow when you return home. They also ensure to accommodate all levels of fitness, from Olympic athletes, to people who have not exercised in years.

Their registered dietitians and chefs teach classes on healthy, delicious eating in the real world. Their physicians demonstrate why healthy living is so important, and small, group workshops led by their psychologists, help guests break through personal obstacles that hold them back from health and weight-loss success.

(Photo: Photo Credit: Pritikin Longevity Resort and Spa)

If you’re tailoring your health to specific goals, Pritikin also has the option for specialty programs to benefit your needs. Programs range from a weekend in paradise, to an entire week, with all guests focused on the same goal. There are many specialty programs throughout the year that will definitely catch your eye. There is a diabetes retreat that will give you all of the tools and knowledge to help you successfully manage Type 2 diabetes. A program called Cooking Like A Pro, where you can learn first hand how easy it is to whip up tasty, healthy meals for you and your family to enjoy. And one for women called Breast Cancer Avoidance, where you can learn the best dietary and lifestyle strategies for preventing breast cancer.

More than 100,000 people worldwide have come to Pritikin for one-week programs, two-week programs, and longer. For some, the primary goal is losing weight. Others want to prevent and address health issues. Still others seek the ultimate spa-health vacation. No matter what your goals, you're certain to leave Pritikin a healthier and happier person than when you came. For more information on Pritikin longevity center +spa, click here to register.

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