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Are you getting tired of those kickboxing DVDs you've reused a dozen times? Or maybe your yoga or Pilates class is just a little too relaxing, and you are looking for a workout that is going to crank up the heat. Regardless of your motives, if you've become tired of your daily workout routine, then it may just be time to try out the newest fitness sensation: Piloxing! This fusion of Pilates and kickboxing is a fantastic and unique way to whip your whole body into shape. Just one class can burn anywhere between 400 to 900 calories, so be prepared for a workout that is going to kick your butt!

Piloxing was founded very recently by Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer, Viveca Jensen. As a strong believer in positive self-image, Viveca concentrated on developing moves and music that could help women discover a hidden sense of empowerment and give them a boost of self-esteem. The core of Piloxing is centered on the belief that being feminine is powerful, and that a sleek and sexy self-image will go a long way in restoring physical and mental health and well-being.

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Piloxing combines the strength and muscle growth of kickboxing, with the flexibility and total body-sculpting elements of Pilates in order to create a whole new level of fitness. Now you won't have to hit the weight room and the treadmill - you've got a workout that's going to give you the benefits of both! You will gain all the definition you want from the boxing element of Piloxing, while the Pilates moves will tone and tighten your entire body. This heated form of exercise focuses on increasing cardio fitness through a high-intensity interval workout, and creating a class that is centered on strength radiating from the core. The fusion of kickboxing and Pilates moves rip right through unwanted fat for a workout that is sure to deliver the results you want. Have we won you over yet?

Piloxing classes are a fantastic way to get involved with the women in your community. The classes are high-energy and feature dance and club music for a rocking, hardcore workout. Routines utilizing movements from salsa dancing, ballet and hip hop, create an environment that is sure to boost your strength, confidence and energy. Classes are often conducted barefoot, like a Pilates class, and weighted gloves are used in order to add an extra upper-body workout for women who are up for an added challenge! Between all the punches and plies, you will rip right through those lingering pounds!

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For an experience that will unleash your inner power and positive self-image, try out a Piloxing session near you! If you are interested in pursuing a Piloxing class, be sure to check out our sources below for more information:

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