8 Ways to Sneak in a Workout Right Now

| Fitness

No matter how busy your day gets, finding time for fitness needs to be a priority. While few of us have time for a full-on 60 minute sweat session daily, there are ways to sneak in a workout between all of your to-do's. Keep reading to discover 8 exercises that you can sneak in at work:

Park Farther Away: Parking in the back of the parking lot and walking further can easily burn calories. Do this every day for a week and you've added a couple extra minutes of cardio!

Take The Stairs: This is a no brainer, and a great way to get some quick cardio in at the office. Do this every day, and you'll see those legs shaping up in no time!


Lunch Break Workout: On busier days, grab a quick protein shake and take a walk. Just 30 minutes a day gets your heart rate up and you will be amazed how many calories you lose in just 30 minutes.


Workout During Work: This is a perfect way to sneak in working those muscles! For example, when you're at the copier, do calf raises. 25 calf raises 4 times a day has just knocked out 100! Need more tips? Check out these great Desk Office Exercises and How To Sit + Get Fit: Ways To Exercise In A Chair.

Stability Ball Instead Of An Office Chair: Try switching out that regular office chair for a stability ball. It's great for your posture and building those stability muscles around your core.

Drink More Water: Drinking an appropriate amount of water provides an endless amount of benefits to your healthy lifestyle. As for working out, it means more trips to the bathroom! If your desk happens to be near the bathroom, go to one further away.


Walk To Talk To Coworkers: Instead of sending an email or calling, walk to your coworkers office for extra cardio.

Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier: For those of us who are early birds, set your alarm a little earlier and get in a quick workout! You won't have the dreaded feeling of having something else to do after work, and releasing endorphins in the morning will set you up to have a great day! We've got great workouts you can do at home!

Being busy doesn't mean you have to skip your daily workout. By following these easy tips, you have no more excuses for not getting your calorie burn on!