20 Most Stylish Yoga Mats

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It may not seem like it, but a yoga mat can be a significant investment. Whether you're practicing yoga every so often or several times a week, you want to make sure that you love your mat. We compiled a list of 20 super stylish yoga mats so you don't have to search far to find the perfect one for you!

Gaiam Marrakesh Premium Yoga Mat: This extra-thick and non-slip mat will help you keep your grip, all while looking fabulous.

premium yoga mat
(Photo: Amazon)

Gaiam Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat: If you're looking to create a peaceful space for your yoga, this mat is perfect for you.

tree of life
(Photo: Target)

Gaiam Grippy Yoga Towel: This towel will work miracles in those sweaty situations where you can't seem to keep your hands and feet from slipping. Having trouble keeping your grip? Try these poses for those of us who are inflexible.

Yoga Mat Towel teal
(Photo: Target)

Giraffe Love Yoga Mat: This adorable mat might just help you make new friends at yoga! It's even kid-friendly if you're teaching your children a few poses

giraffe love mat
(Photo: Cafe Press)

Brown Owl Duo Yoga Mat: Another kid-friendly mat, this one will keep you smiling even during the toughest workouts.

brown owl yoga mat
(Photo: Cafe Press)

Personalized Yoga Mat: Perfect for gifts, you can personalize this stylish yoga mat to make someone's workout a little more special.

personalized yoga mat
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Cute Birds with Flowers Yoga Mat: The name says it all. Add a little quip to your yoga session with this adorable mat.

birds and flowers
(Photo: Cafe Press)

Cherry Springs Yoga Mat: This beautiful design may even inspire you to do some yoga in the park!

cherry springs yoga mat
(Photo: Cafe Press)

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat: This unique mat's design will heighten your yoga experience. You can even choose from four other designs.

magic carpet yoga mat
(Photo: Anthropologie)

Geo Hot Yoga Towel: Created by Yoga Design Lab, this yoga towel covers your entire mat, absorbs quickly and dries in minutes. You'll be excited to work out with this multi-colored design.

Geo Hot
(Photo: Amazon)

The Combo Mat: Now you don't need to carry around your mat and towel — you'll have them both! Perfect for hot yoga, this mat and towel combo comes complete with a carrying strap.

Combo Mat
(Photo: Amazon)

Gaiam Dandelion Days Premium Yoga Mat: This simple yet elegant dandelion design is great for centering your mind. Yoga mat not quite doing the trick? Here are 14 styles of yoga to center yourself.

dandelion days premium yoga mat
(Photo: Gaiam)

Pink Ribbon Printed Yoga Mat: Now you can work out and promote breast cancer awareness simultaneously.

pink ribbon yoga mat
(Photo: Gaiam)

Everything Yoga Life Yoga Mat: What's yoga without inspiration? This mat will keep you inspired every time you unroll it. Need some more inspiration? Tune into our yoga playlist here.

everything yoga life
(Photo: Everything Yoga)

Everything Yoga Mystic Yoga Mat: Connect with your mysterious side during yoga with this mat.

Everything Mystic Yoga Mat
(Photo: Everything Yoga)

Everything Yoga Cosmic Yoga Mat: Encompass the universe's vast horizons with this cosmic design. Expand your horizons with some new yoga poses here.

Cosmic yoga mat
(Photo: Everything Mystic Yoga Mat)

Wai Lana Peacock Feather Yoga and Pilates Mat: A symbol of luck and prosperity, the peacock feather will have you feeling at ease before, during and after yoga.

peacock yoga mat
(Photo: Everything Yoga)

Zen Garden Print Yoga Mat: Get your zen on with this simple and elegantly designed mat.

zen garden yoga mat
(Photo: Gaiam)

Flower of Life Yoga Mat: This mat will allow you to center both your body and mind but keep your physical balance with its no-slip grip.

flower of life yoga mat
(Photo: Gaiam)

Lazy Lizards Kids Yoga Mat: Featuring twelve animals in yoga poses, your kids will love this mat as they practice yoga right next to you!

Lazy Lizards
(Photo: Everything Yoga)