7 Ways to Work Your Foam Roller

| Fitness

brooke griffin with foam rollerFoam rollers are amazing fitness tools, so great that they should be a must-have in every fit mama's home gym. They are absolutely the best for all the aches and pains strenuous activity puts on our joints. Even on stressful days at the office, it's to come home and stretch out the tension with some basic exercises. If you recently purchased one and don't know where to start, here are 7 basic foam exercises to get you rolling:

Soothe back pain: This move is great for helping stretch out your back and relieve any pain you may have there! For an even deeper stretch, try lifting your hips! Click here to be taken to this stretch.

Quad massage: Lie on your roller and roll it from hip to knee. Extend a leg if you’re having balance problems or if the pressure is too much. To learn this move, click here.

Hamstring: Remember to sit straight while doing this exercise and keep your muscles relaxed. Get the details on this stretch here.


Need to purchase a foam roller? Click here to get the one that Brooke Griffin, Skinny Mom Founder & CEO, is using in the images above.

Neck: If you have an injured or uneven cervical spine, do not do this exercise. While preforming this move, remember to keep your body relaxed. Also note that the weight of you head should be the only weight on the roller. Get more details here.

Calves: This exercise is similar to the hamstring exercise, only focused on your calves. For a deeper workout, only place one calf at a time on the roller. Learn how to perform this move by clicking here.

Intensifying a Plank or Push Up: This adds a little more engagement with your core muscles to add even more to your workout. If this is too difficult at first, try using a half roller instead. Learn this move here.

Build your Balance: Take advantage of the rolled shape and do an Intensified Lunge! This will help strength your balance over time. Get more information on this move here.