Fast Food Under 500: Jimmy John's


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Looking for a quick meal but want to avoid that pang of guilt that comes with the drive-thru? Stop in at Jimmy John's next time and enjoy a meal for under 500 calories. Plus, you'll be sure to get it "freaky fast!"

jimmy johns
(Photo: Photo Credit: Jimmy John's)

Turkey Tom 8" Sub Sandwich: This classic sandwich has turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and mayo on French bread, coming in at 478 calories. Even though that almost maxes out our 500 calorie limit, the savory sub will definitely fill you up.

turkey tom
(Photo: Photo Credit: Jimmy John's)

Turkey Tom Unwich (Optional): If you're looking to knock a bunch of calories off your intake, order the Turkey Tom Unwich, which is a regular turkey tom wrapped in lettuce instead of on French bread. With only 230 calories, it gives you a lot of room to order a bag of Jimmy Chips (150 calories).

turkey tom unwich
(Photo: Photo Credit: Home is Where the Hart Is)

Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle: It might not sound like much, but this pickle is hefty. They don't call it "jumbo" for no reason, and for such a big pickle, it only contains 20 calories!

jumbo dill
(Photo: Photo Credit: The Pickler Stickler)

Diet Coke: At zero calories, this 19 ounce beverage will give you a caffeine boost if you need one. If you tend to stray from soda, opt for a Dasani bottled water instead.

diet coke
(Photo: Photo Credit: Subway)

So you've got two options here. If you choose to go with the Turkey Tom on French bread and a jumbo pickle, your calorie total will be 498, just clearing our 500 limit. But if you choose the Turkey Tom Unwich, a bag of Jimmy Chips and a jumbo pickle, your total will be 450 calories. So next time you're hungry in a hurry and tempted to get a Big Mac, think about your options at Jimmy John's instead. It is possible to eat healthy on the run! Looking for other healthy fast food options? Check out more stories from the Fast Food Under 500 series here.