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Can you guess a plant seed that contains all ten essential amino acids, all four essential fatty acids and similar amounts of protein as meat, milk, eggs and soy? If you guessed hemp seed, you're correct! The nutrition in hemp seeds is just one surprising aspect about hemp. In fact, there are many little-known uses for industrial hemp.

Food: Not only do hemp seeds contain all ten essential amino acids, all four essential fatty acids and large amounts of protein, they can also be used for bird seed and even fishing bait! Hemp seeds can be crushed or used whole in making many different types of food, like cakes, cookies, casseroles and porridge. They even taste nutty enough for you to roast and eat them. (via According to TreeHugger, you can even use hemp seeds to make hemp milk and frozen waffles!

Tempt Milk
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Skincare: Hemp seeds can be pressed into hemp oil that, according to Regenerative Nutrition, can be used to maintain and improve good health. Not only can hemp oil be used in foods like salad dressings, mayonnaise, dips, etc., it can also be used to moisturize your skin! According to Hemphasis, hemp oil helps cells to communicate to rebuild membranes, which keeps skin from getting dry. Hemp oil isn't the only oil good for your skin, though. Check out 50 uses for coconut oil here.

Clothing: According to Hemphasis, hemp is one of the strongest, most durable and most elastic fibers in the world, and it won't mildew or rot like cotton. Not only is hemp good for sturdy clothing, but it can even be mixed with silk to make lingerie! (via TreeHugger)

Jewelry: Hemp jewelry can be made by knotting hemp twine into bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings and even watches. You can even add beads to liven it up! (via Instructables)

Hemp Jewelry
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