Skinny Mom Readers Most Awkward Gym Moments

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We asked and you delivered! Our Facebook Fans shared with us their most awkward and embarrassing moments from the gym! These were our favorites!

Woman giggling

"My husband used to teach karate, and one time during warm-ups a pair of MY undies flew out of the arm of his gi as he was demonstrating a move. I was mortified. We think they got stuck in there while they were in the dryer!  he very discreetly bent over, picked them up, and stuffed them back into his gi top, never missing a beat. We laughed and laughed about it later!" - K.C.

"I went to an area where no one was and farted. It was lethal and lingering. This guy came up right after I let it out and asked for my number." - S.N.M.

"treadmill+gas= .... well, lol" - K.M.

"Thought I'd try the stair climber at Golds Gym. I started out slow too slow, but when I hit the button to make it go faster nothing happened. So I kept hitting it to the max # and about 10 seconds later the dumb thing kicked in at full speed sending my ass a flying, hit my chin and hurt my leg, but laid there in embarrassment, gym was packed! Ugh... to this day I'm afraid of moving stairs." J.H.

"My husband and I were taking a long hike in the mountains. Two hours later and sweating profusely, my husband said, "Take your shirt off - no one's around. Sure enough, as soon as the shirt came off, a guy came hiking by. (I'll never listen to my husband again)!" D.R.C.

"At Zumba I realized I had a small hole in the inner thigh of my yoga pants. No big deal at first but by the end of the hour long class it was a huge gaping tear! Yoga pants have been trashed, and we all had a good laugh!!" - C.A.

"Gas + squats = me" - E.G.

"I was laying on my back on the stability ball holding dumbbells & doing lifts when I lost my balance, fell to the side off the ball, crashing into a nearby cabinet, giving me a cut & bruise down my entire side. I am a "danger" to myself!" - D.S.G.

"My workout pants fell down while I was running on treadmill. People on treadmills all around me. My son saw it happening but decided not to tell me my pants were on their way down." - W.W.D

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