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Sometimes cooking a meal for your family every single night can get too overwhelming, so you decide to take a break from the kitchen and treat the family to one of America's greatest pastimes: Pizza Hut! The kids are thrilled, because who doesn't love pizza? And you're thrilled because you can get in and out of Pizza Hut in time for the next soccer practice or piano lesson. The only downfall to eating at Pizza Hut seems to be its nutrition value. But fear not! We've put together a meal at Pizza Hut you can eat for under 500 calories.

Hand-Tossed Pepperoni Pizza: Always a family pleaser, the pepperoni pizza isn't as menacing as it seems. One slice of a medium hand-tossed pizza is 230 calories, but compared to the Meat Lover's pizza (400 calories), it doesn't seem so bad. Plus, one pizza will usually take care of your entire family's dinner.

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Breadsticks with Cheese: Let's be real here: the kids are going to want breadsticks. And not just any kind of breadsticks, they're going to want cheesy breadsticks. So go ahead and order those cheesy breadsticks, but you might want to limit each kid to one breadstick, because they've got 170 calories each.

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Green salad: Although Pizza Hut's online menu doesn't offer any salads, we recommend adding in a healthy green salad to this meal with a light ranch dressing. Our very own skinny buttermilk ranch dressing contains only 52 calories, so adding some lettuce or spinach and veggies won't push you over the edge calorie-wise. It's important to get all your nutrients no matter where you're eating!

Water or Diet Soda: Because Pizza Hut's menu doesn't offer iced tea, your best bet for a healthy beverage is water. However, if you're feeling a little rambunctious with that pizza in your belly, you can always add on a Diet Pepsi or Diet Mountain Dew for zero calories.

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With the pepperoni pizza, cheesy breadsticks and beverage, our total comes to 400 calories, giving you room to tear off a small piece of little Johnny's breadstick and still stay safely under your 500 calorie limit. You can eat out without the guilt — it just takes a little planning! For an even skinnier look at pizza, check out Healthy Pizza Flavors 14 Ways.

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