Melt Off 100 Calories In 10 Minutes

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Unfortunately, setting aside that 20 minutes for your workout every day may not be enough to support an active lifestyle. You need to reclaim your recess! Yes, ladies, we still need some form of recess as adults. This doesn't necessarily mean having a whole half hour break...just a little spontaneous physical activity or SPA. Studies across the board have shown a positive correlation between spontaneous physical activity and lower fat mass (Journal of Experimental Biology).

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Spontaneous physical activity is completely separate from voluntary exercise, a.k.a gym time. These are acts of movement such as pacing. If you just find that 10 minutes in your daily routine, outside from your workout, you will see a difference in both your energy and your body.  Studies have shown that people who regularly break up their sedentary time with movement as small as taking one step had lower or healthier waist circumference, body mass index, and triglycerides than people who didn't take breaks during long periods of sitting. Here are 7 ways to get that SPA in and burn an extra 100 calories in 10-minute intervals.

Shake a Groove Thing: Dancing pops up in every quick calorie burner round up and for good reason. It's pure cardiovascular exercise and pure fun.

>> Need help picking the music? We've got plenty of playlists for you!

Sadiv Sets: These sets involve doing as many reps as you can in a given amount of time. Pick 10 exercises and do each for one minute. Challenge yourself and keep a chart that records your numbers and progress.

Set the clock and clean! Generally, it takes about 20 minutes of moderate cleaning to burn 100 calories. But, each activity varies in vigor and time. So, challenge yourself and pick two to three activities: vacuuming, sweeping and dusting. Pick a room, set the clock and go. Imagine how much you can burn if you cut the time, but triple the effort! Strap on some ankle weights for extra resistance - I'm sure you will feel it while you vacuum.

Rearrange some furniture: Every one could use a little change of scenery here and there. You have to be fairly vigorous with this activity: pick a room with larger furniture and try multiple options--anything that gets you across the room as many times as possible. If you take your time and approach this super casually, it may take you more like 20 minutes to burn the same amount of calories.


Game night: If scrabble can burn 100 calories per hour (Health)....imagine how much you burn in a high stakes game of charades?!

Fidget: Prolonged sitting has long been known as counterproductive to health: it exponentially increases your risks of cardiovascular disease and can decrease your longevity. But, most recently it has been labeled as "worse than smoking cigarettes" (Runner's World). According to a study in Australia, "People who regularly break up their sedentary time with movement as small as taking one step had healthier waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), and triglycerides than people who didn't take breaks during long periods of sitting" (NPR). Office snacking and prolonged sitting are tough to counter but figdeters burn up to 350 calories a day more than non-fidgeters! Get moving at your desk with these office friendly work outs!

Shop those sales racks: Sizzle while you browse the end of summer sales. says, "you'll torch 11 calories for every outfit you try on." The average woman covers about 2.69 miles each shopping trip, according to the study, commissioned by Debenhams. In a separate poll, experts calculated that women burned around five calories for every minute spent browsing the shelves (Daily Mail).

Strike a Vinyasa Yoga Pose: There's a reason Vinyasa is a "power yoga." It's a much faster paced yoga practice with continual transitions between moves. Sun salutations and dolphin dives are two great moves to get acquainted with for calorie burning yoga.