Fast Food Under 500: Dairy Queen



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We all get that knee-buckling craving for fast food every once in a while, but along with that craving comes a pang of guilt for hitting up the drive-thru. Something we might crave even more than fast food? A tasty frozen treat. Fear no more, because it is indeed possible to get a quick bite to eat for under 500 calories. This week we tackle Dairy Queen.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: At 360 calories, this grilled chicken filet served on a sesame seed bun comes with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. To cut some calories off, ditch the mayo! Either way, this steamy sandwich will fulfill your fast food fantasies.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
(Photo: Photo Credit: Dairy Queen)

Side Salad with Marzetti Lite Italian dressing: Who couldn't use a little extra green in their diet? This side salad with some Marzetti Lite Italian dressing rings in at only 45 calories, so no need to feel guilty here.

SIde Salad
(Photo: Photo Credit: Dairy Queen)

Diet soda or water: Both water and diet soda have zero calories, so choose whatever you're in the mood for. Obviously, water is the more healthy choice here, but if you need a caffeine rush, that soda might be in order.

DQ Fudge Bar: Come on! You didn't think you'd go to Dairy Queen without picking up a frozen treat, did you? This fudge bar is the best of both worlds; not only is it a cold and delicious treat, but it's also only 50 calories! It will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for at least a little while. Looking for more healthy frozen treats? Check out these 20 healthy popsicle recipes.

Fudge Bar
(Photo: Photo Credit: Dairy Queen)

With the grilled chicken sandwich, side salad, beverage and DQ Fudge Bar, your meal comes in at 455 calories. So next time you hit the drive-thru, go for a combo like this and you won't have to worry about undoing your workout.

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