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Now that the kids are back to school and schedules are looking a little lighter, it’s time to take off the apron and lose the “Soccer Mom of the Week” title and really focus on getting back to a better you. And we have just the place that will allow you to do that!

(Photo: Photo Credit: Hilton Head Health)

Hilton Head Health is a gorgeous spa with world-class food, fitness, education and amenities to get you on the right track to creating a healthier lifestyle for not only yourself, but your entire family. They help real people reach real health goals and exceed all expectations their members came in with. With a combination of experienced Health and Fitness Specialists and spa resort environment, Hilton Head Health is recognized as the leading destination retreat for weight loss success.

Hilton Head Health was founded in 1976 as a 4-week weight loss spa retreat center. Their Healthy Lifestyle program has since evolved as the needs of the public and medical knowledge have changed. While their experience and history remain very strong in the weight loss spa industry, they provide the tools for guests to make the choices to change their lives. By providing a balance of hands-on group activities along with one-on-one sessions with Health Specialists, guests will have the opportunity to explore individual needs and health goals.

(Photo: Photo Credit: Hilton Head Health)

They offer two main programs at the resort, the Live Well Weekly Program and the Lose Well 4-Week Weight Loss Program. These programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of the members while having fun and learning how to balance a healthy lifestyle even with real world curve balls.

Live Well Weekly Program: This week-long program is the perfect little mommy vacation to step away from the kids and daily life and really spend some time focusing on your own personal goals, whether they be health-related or not. The program is filled with numerous activities like access to numerous group fitness classes, deliciously healthy gourmet cuisine, hands-on cooking classes and educational seminars and workshops that will focus on getting you and your family back on track. If you need a little push to go, then you have to check out their sample schedule, because you will be amazed!

Lose Well 4-Week Weight Loss Program: This program is for people who are ready to lose significant weight and keep it off! This is the most personalized and intensive plan that they offer that will ensure great results! The program is filled with individualized activities from two and-a-half hours of progressive fitness programs to pre- and post-comprehensive health and fitness assessments to track each member’s progress. They also offer counselor-led workshops and group discussions to discuss the daily challenges of being healthy in the real world and how to overcome those obstacles!

Photo Credit: Hilton Head Health
(Photo: Photo Credit: Hilton Head Health)

So you may be thinking about hopping on a plane and heading to Hilton Head Health, but you’re not completely sold yet. Well here’s the little extra incentive you need to start packing your bags: Hilton Head Health is offering our Skinny Mom readers $150 in Hilton Head Health cash when they book a stay of seven or more days!  It is as simple as entering the promo code H3SkinnyMom when booking your trip!  Don’t wait to change your unhealthy habits tomorrow, but instead get the counseling you need and the body you’ve always wanted at Hilton Head Health.

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