Legs That Don’t Quit: Exercises To Rock Your Skinny Jeans

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Denim never goes out of style, no matter the season, and skinny jeans seem to be sticking around. While they're mostly spandex and lycra to stretch, that doesn't mean they always hide our trouble spots! Get your legs and your core toned to rock those skinnies all year long. Use these tried and true toning exercises below to eliminate lower body jiggle.

Complete each exercise with as many reps as possible in 60 seconds, then move directly to the next move. Rest for 60 seconds after the last exercise in the series and complete the sequence two more times.

Standing Fire Hydrant with Training Ball: You are definitely going to feel the burn with this move! Complete 60 seconds on each leg before moving to the next exercise. Click here to get full instructions.

Standing fire hydrant

Wall Sit: This is one of those great moves you don't need any equipment for. Just a wall and some determination. Find out how to properly do this move by clicking here.

Brooke and wall sit

Walking Lunge with Dumbbells: Get your heart pumping with these lunges. If you are just starting out, don't worry about using the hand weights, but if you've got some experience, pick up some that will give your body a challenge! Click here to learn how to properly perform this move.

walking lunges with dumbells

Pistol Squat: Want to impress your friends? Perfect this move! Trust us, this isn't an easy move, but with some practice and patience you will be able to do it!


Tip Toe Squat: With this move, you are going to engage your entire core to help with balance. Click here to read how to properly do this move.

tip toe squats

Weighted Leg Circles: Grab those ankle weights and hit the ground. Work both of your legs for a full 60 seconds. You can learn how to properly perform this move by clicking here.

weighted leg circles
After you have gotten through this sequence, rest for 60 seconds and get started again. Yes - it is going to burn, but we assure you it will be well worth it!