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As a mom, sometimes summer is so busy that even if you take a vacation, monitoring the kids seems like work rather than rest. So, what about a fall getaway? Call the babysitter and take a weekend off. Make it a fun weekend with your girlfriends or a romantic getaway with your significant other. Tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Dahlonega, Georgia, the opportunities at Daholonega R&R Resort are endless.

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R&R Resorts has several locations, one of them being right in Dahlonega, Georgia. This resort is meant for pure relaxation, while also encouraging you to make healthy choices while on your stay. Their Pura Vida restaurant offers the tastiest and healthiest options. They want to "arouse the senses" while still nourishing your body.

If you're looking to stay busy on your trip, Dahlonega has many unique options. Hiking, biking, wine tastings in local vineyards, fitness yoga, white water rafting, exploring waterfalls — you name it, they've got it. The perks to Dahlonega is that while you're enjoying your stay, you get to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views around you. The nature in this area is exquisite, and the best part? The views are right outside your window.

Imagine waking up to this:


Hiking: Vacations tend to get you off track, but "relaxation" doesn't have to mean laziness. There's something about trekking through beautiful mountains and breathing in the crisp air that rejuvenates you while still giving those calves a great workout. Dahlonega is nestled among some of the greatest mountains and trails. So, grab your boots and backpack, pack a lunch and set out for the day with your girlfriends. Want to go for a hike alone? Do it. Get to the top of the hill and do a little meditation on your own.

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Yoga Retreats: This resort is so convenient because no matter time of the year it is, every week there are new, professional instructors that teach a different type of yoga. Prefer hot yoga? They've got it. Yoga for meditation purpose? Check. Or, like to sweat a little in your yoga session? Dahlonega has you covered. So, say you want to plan a retreat with a ton of women, and your schedules are a little crazy. Well, Dahlonega will help you plan the perfect retreat that will suit all of your personalities. There are so many types of yoga, you won't be disappointed.


Spa: With nine types of massages, six facial options, and several scrubs and wraps to choose from, how could you pass this up? At reasonable prices, and getting pampered from the best of the best, Dahlonega will have you leaving their resort with no worries in the world. You can even be pampered in the comfort of your own room, not having to move an inch.

Vineyards: You know, wine does have its benefits. Looking to enjoy a drink and relaxing view? Dahlonega has six wineries by the resort; four of them very close to the resort, and two only a mile away! (Take a little walk there to justify your leisurely activity.)

Drinking wine is totally justifiable when it looks like this:


Check out R&R Resorts: Dahlonega for more information on bookings and  accommodations. Allow yourself to get away from the chaos for a weekend (or an extended weekend). Dahlonega wants to help you unplug. They don't have TV for a reason; they would rather you enjoy a good stargazing session before bed than the late-night television you have at home all the time. Here, you can escape from any stress or noise and truly rejuvenate your mind and body. Enjoy!