11 Resistance Band Moves for a Total Body Workout

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Whether you're new to fitness or are looking for an added challenge to your routine, resistance bands are what you need! This piece of equipment is great for everyone because it gives you the opportunity to make it as challenging as you want. Need something a little harder? Just make your band tighter!

Good Mornings: Stand on the band with your feet spread shoulder width apart. Place the band behind your neck. Start in a bent over position with a straight back and stand to an upright position. These are great for building strong hamstrings, glutes, and low back. These are the foundations to a strong, healthy and good looking body! Good Mornings Resistance Band

Cross Body Punches: This move will help to strengthen your back and shoulders as well as your core! Get more info on this move by clicking here.

Bent Over Rows: Do these with the band anchored under your feet. These will work your entire back as well as shoulders and biceps. This is a huge bang for your buck exercise. Bent Over Rows Resistance Band

Resistance Band Curls: Want to work your arms? This resistance band move is great for lifting beginners or advanced fitness junkies! Get the move here.

Squat with Overhead Press: These are done with the band under your feet, standing straight up with arms bent. Squat down holding the handles or ends of the band and stand up, moving arms to a straight position. Overhead work is great for strengthening your core and using a band reduces the risk of the injury because you’re not holding heavy weights over your head.Squat Overhead Press Resistance Band

Squat Step with Resistance Band: Looking to work your lower body some more? Try out this move and feel the burn! Get details here.

Kneeling Glute Kickbacks with Resistance Band: Place the resistance band around one foot and assume an all-fours position. Kick back with the foot that the resistance band is looped around. Slowly lower your leg back down to starting position, controlling the band and being sure not to let it snap back to place. The use of bands with these makes it much easier to continually alter the difficulty, so they work for both beginners and advanced trainees. Kneeling Glute Kickback Resistance Band

Band Pull Aparts: This move will work to strengthen and develop all of the upper back muscles as well as the shoulders and triceps. Learn how to properly perform this move here.

Lunge with Overhead Tricep Extension: Hold the resistance band with one hand above your head. Grab it with the other hand behind your back. Step into a lunge with the same side of your body that is holding the resistance band overhead (if you are holding it overhead with the right hand, the right leg lunges forward). As you lower, pull the resistance band taut with the overhead hand. As you come out of the lunge, bend your elbow to release the tension on the resistance band. Learn more about properly performing a lunge by clicking here.Lunge Overhead Tricep Extension

Resistance Band Tricep Extensions: Ready to get rid of the underarm jiggle? This move will get you there! Click here to learn how to properly perform it.

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Resistance Band Pike: Wrap the middle of the band around both feet and lie on your back. Hold the ends of the resistance bands in both hands and pull taut. Start with your feet in the air. Lower your legs slowly until your feet are inches from the ground. Then, slowly bring them back up to the starting position.Resistance Band Pike