Hottest Fall Fashion Fitness Trends

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It's time to retire your ratty old t-shirts and pick up on the latest trends of fall! Hit the gym with style this season with these great fall trends that you can work all year long!


Black is a great color choice because it's slimming, but you're going to the gym, not a funeral! Add some fun into your wardrobe!

Graduator Sweater:

(Photo: Nordstrom)

Foil Tee:

foil graphic tee
(Photo: Macy's)

Black and White Drop-Arm Tank:

drop arm tank
(Photo: Old Navy)

Ombré Leggings:

(Photo: Nordstrom)

Betsy Johnson Colorblock Capris:

(Photo: Macy's)

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Wearing a bold pattern is a great choice because it'll keep things fun and fresh. Plus stepping out in something cute will give you that extra bit of motivation!

Striped Back Tank:

striped back tank
(Photo: Macy's)

Calvin Klein Printed Active Cropped Leggings:

Printed active cropped leggings
(Photo: Macy's)

Free 5.0 TR Fit 4:

free 5.0 sneaker
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Thatch Asymmetrical Zip Hoodie: 

thatch asymmetrical zip hoodie
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Low Rise Long Leggings:

low rise long leggings
(Photo: Nordstrom)

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Inspire yourself and everyone else at the gym with a graphic tee or tank. They are a great way to express your love for fitness without having to make a million Facebook statuses about it!

Fuel Your Fire Graphic Tank: 

fuel your fire
(Photo: Old Navy)

Rest Later Graphic Tank: 

rest later
(Photo: Old Navy)

Hello Gorgeous Graphic Sweatshirt:

hello gorgeous
(Photo: Macy's)

Fight like a Girl Graphic Tee:

fight like a girl
(Photo: Macy's)

Stay Strong Graphic Tank: 

stay strong
(Photo: PHoto Credit: JC Penney)