Good Morning Yoga: Sleepy To Spirited In 10 Minutes

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Having trouble getting out of bed to complete your early morning yoga practice? The YinOva Center has a morning yoga sequence that you can do while still in bed! Hit the snooze button once and take 10 minutes to engage your body and mind before you're fully awake and begin to think about the day ahead. This is a sure way to go from sleepy to spirited and be ready to start your day with a clear mind.

Sleeping Woman

Move through these basic poses paying close attention to your breath and how it moves through the body. Take deep inhales that expand the stomach, and long, complete exhales. Move at your own pace trusting that you know what is best for your body.

After pushing snooze, roll over onto your stomach and do a few cobra poses. As the elbows squeezes in towards your side, reach your chest forward.

Cobra Pose In Bed
(Photo: YinOva Center)

Roll over for a big stretch. Toes pointed, shoulders lifted, every body part engaged.

Full Body Stretch In Bed
(Photo: YinOva Center)

Bring your left knee onto your chest and clasp your hands around your shin. Allow the leg to rotate in the hip socket. Reach your left leg towards the ceiling, pointing and flexing your foot with your breath. Repeat on other side.

Knee Stretch In Bed
(Photo: YinOva Center)

For the rest of YinOva's morning yoga moves, head to their website. You are sure to have a good morning and good day following this wake-up yoga routine!

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